Senator Jacob
Bills Sponsored

SB 0263 - Revises provisions for sealing and closing of court records
SB 0271 - Restricts big trucks to 65 mph on interstates and increases diesel fuel tax and other registration fees
SB 0276 - Creates the Educational Job Retraining Fund which shall be funded by the repeal of the gambling loss limit
SB 0277 - Excuses ophthalmologists from jury duty
SB 0304 - Creates a clothing and school supplies sales tax holiday
SB 0305 - Makes various tax changes
SB 0339 - Limits disconnections of water service
SB 0345 - Increases number of circuit judges in the 13th Judicial Circuit
SB 0363 - Modifies the distribution of moneys from the Gaming Commission Fund
SB 0390 - Incorporates Southwest Missouri State University into, and becomes a campus of, the University of Missouri system
SB 0475 - Creates the "Video Gaming Machine Network" to generate revenue for higher education
SB 0476 - Eliminates the minimum age qualification for admission to the University of the State of Missouri
SB 0503 - Allows certain teachers who job-share to receive creditable service for retirement and pro-rata leave and holidays
SB 0517 - Increases length of revocation periods and amount of liability insurance that must be carried by certain drivers
SB 0524 - Allows certain first classification counties to create a geographical information system
SB 0536 - Enacts various changes to state income and sales tax laws
SB 0537 - Authorizes Boone County Counselor to prosecute certain actions resulting in civil fines
SB 0600 - Allows licensing and regulation of ultimate fighting
SB 0650 - Establishes faculty representatives on the governing boards of state colleges and universities
SCR 004 - Relating to the construction of a hotel/convention center complex in Columbia
SJR 014 - Amends the Constitution to create a Revenue Stabilization Fund
SJR 016 - Constitutional amendment to repeal legislative term limits, subject to voter approval
SR 0214 - Use of Senate Chamber by Missouri Girls State - 6/24/2003
HB 0057 - Clarifies the language to be included in the certification on each personal property tax list
HB 0388 - Allows certain first class counties to create a geographical information system

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