Senator Kennedy
Bills Sponsored

SB 0045 - Requires certain facilities to provide immunizations for influenza and pneumonia to elderly residents
SB 0046 - Provides a tax credit for modifying a home for a disabled person
SB 0047 - Allows St. Louis City to have a lien on property for abatement of dangerous buildings
SB 0088 - Creates licensure requirements for private investigators
SB 0089 - Requires that amateur radio license plates contain the words "AMATEUR RADIO" in place of the words "SHOW-ME-STATE"
SB 0090 - Allows ten cities to adopt ordinances to install automatic traffic control enforcement systems
SB 0316 - Requires health plans to cover all services provided or ordered by registered nurse first assistants
SB 0396 - Expands the sponsorship and mentoring program tax credits to apply to other taxes
SB 0456 - Allows a self-directed deferred retirement plan program for the St. Louis Firefighters Retirement System
SB 0482 - Allows certain fire protection districts to continue to serve areas that have been annexed into the city of DeSoto
SB 0493 - Modifies the law relating to the screening of genetic diseases and birth defects
SB 0513 - Removes discretion of board of police commissioners as to paid vacation and holidays in some situations
SB 0514 - Modifies provisions relating to the regulation and licensing of professional addiction counselors
SB 0516 - Allows members of the St. Louis Police Retirement System to purchase their DROP period
SB 0523 - Creates the Board of Counselors and Therapists
SB 0575 - Requires St. Louis City police members receive pay for unused vacation time annually rather than lose it
SB 0582 - Creates a gang resistance education and training program to be used in schools
SB 0603 - Revises the regulation and licensing of professional addiction counselors
SB 0618 - Requires the Department of Mental Health to develop a state suicide prevention plan
SB 0644 - Alters provisions regarding early childhood special education services
SB 0645 - Addresses benefits of survivors of a police officer and those who may use the deferred retirement option plan
SB 0676 - Creates an exception to the mandatory days of school attendance for the 2002-2003 school year
HB 0247 - Allows special mobile equipment to be operated on the highways at any time under certain circumstances

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