Senator Klindt
Bills Co-Sponsored

SB 0696 - Requires performance-based budgeting for state departments
SB 0715 - Creates the Environmental Regulation Consistency Act
SB 0911 - Allows retainage in private building contracts
SB 0938 - Provides application and licensing requirements for carrying concealed weapons
SB 0970 - Raises the general sales tax for transportation purposes & revises numerous statutes relating to transportation
SB 0976 - Requires one member of the state board of health to be a chiropractor
SB 0990 - Creates "MO Qualified Biodiesel Producer Incentive Fund" to promote the production of Biodiesel fuel
SB 1016 - Phases in the use of gasoline-oxygenate blend fuels
SB 1027 - Prohibits certain suits by political subdivisions and the state against firearm manufacturers and dealers
SB 1055 - Creates a grant program for the establishment of an umbilical cord blood bank
SB 1087 - Revises certificate of need law and enacts a review certification procedure for acute care facilities
SB 1161 - Requires the department of corrections to formulate two new corrections officer classifications

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