Senator Klindt
Bills Sponsored

SB 0903 - Increases the membership of the Northwest Missouri State University's Board of Regents from seven to nine
SB 0904 - Exempts religious, charitable, and nonprofit organizations from food inspection laws in certain circumstances
SB 0905 - Modifies state budgeting process
SB 0947 - Revises community colleges' property tax rates, capital improvement subdistricts, & MOHEFA direct deposit agreements
SB 0971 - Requires risk assessment and cost-benefit analysis be prepared when certain environmental rules are promulgated
SB 0972 - Expands tax credits to include new generation fuel processing entity
SB 0973 - Creates the Missouri Biomass Technology Commission
SB 1014 - Adopts the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
SB 1066 - Allows certification programs for corrections officers
SB 1071 - Revises current weights and measures law
SB 1157 - Makes information collected in the course of an insurance compliance audit privileged under certain conditions
SB 1188 - Creates the crime of enticement of a child
SB 1239 - Creates the Missouri Regional Computer Forensic Lab
SB 1270 - Designates the portion of U.S. Highway 136 in Harrison County as the "Babe Adams Highway"
SB 1271 - Bonds, notes or other evidence of indebtedness issued by any housing authority shall be sold at public sale
SB 1272 - Bans fuels mixed with MTBE
SCR 042 - Urges the General Assembly to designate "Menfro soil" as the official state soil of Missouri
SJR 037 - Authorizes the Department of Transportation to engage in toll road construction and feasibility studies
SR 1122 - Relating to federal government proposals that would negatively impact the lower Missouri & Mississippi Rivers
SR 1583 - Relates to Senate procedures on Appropriations bills
HB 1406 - Increases the membership of the Northwest Missouri State University's board of regents from seven to nine
HB 1477 - Junior colleges allowed same access as school districts to participate in MOHEFA direct deposit agreements

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