SJR 037 Authorizes the Department of Transportation to engage in toll road construction and feasibility studies
LR Number:4777S.01I Fiscal Note:4777-01
Last Action:03/19/02 - SCS Voted Do Pass (SCS SJRs 37 & 33) S Transportation Journal page:
Committee (4777S.02C)
Title:SCS SJRs 37 & 33
Effective Date:Voter Approval
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/SJRs 37 & 33 - This proposed constitutional amendment allows the Highways and Transportation Commission to conduct feasibility studies, fund, design, acquire, construct, maintain and operate toll facilities. The Commission shall fix and collect tolls for the use of all toll facilities. After the costs of paying a toll road has been paid off, the facility shall discontinue collecting fees and the facility shall become part of the state system.

The Commission may issue toll facility revenue refunding bonds for the construction of toll roads. The bonds are to be paid off from toll fees and if necessary from the state road fund. The bonds may be sold at either public or private sale. The proceeds of the bonds shall be deposited in the appropriate toll facility fund. The resolution allows the Commission to transfer moneys from the state road fund to a toll facility fund to finance the feasibility studies if there are funds available. The moneys from the state road fund shall be repaid with interest.

The Commission may enter into contracts with other entities in order to construct the toll roads. To obtain authorization from the General Assembly for any proposed toll facility, other than on interstate highway, the commission must submit a plan describing the location of the proposed toll facility along with a feasibility study. The plan shall not become effective unless the General Assembly approves it by a concurrent resolution within 45 days of the plan's submission. If no concurrent resolution is introduced within 14 calendar days of the submission of the plan, the plan shall not become effective.

Revenue generated from the toll roads shall not be included as a part of total state revenue for the purposes of the Hancock Amendment.

This resolution is similar to HJR 7 (2001).