Commerce and Environment
Assigned Bills

HB 1085 - (Mays (050)) Allows owners of business property to appoint representative in matters involving drainage district
HB 1143 - (Rizzo) Revises various provisions relating to economic development
HB 1402 - (Burton) Modifies provisions relating to utility projects
HB 1496 - (Green) Revises tax increment financing in St. Louis metropolitan area
HB 1556 - (Rizzo) Modifies certain multistate income issues concerning foreign investment service and S corporations
HB 1569 - (Davis) Removes used tires from the provisions relating to the regulation of waste tires by Department of Natural Resources
HB 1635 - (Hoppe) Allows interest to accrue on deposits held by water corporations
HB 1650 - (Hoppe) Modifies various provisions regarding water resources
HB 1748 - (Ransdall) Revises various provisions relating to water resources
HB 1757 - (George) Allows Sunday liquor sales by the drink at certain establishments within an international airport
HB 1838 - (Hosmer) Requires certification of place of business for motor vehicle dealers, boat dealers and boat manufacturers
HB 1964 - (Gambaro) Excludes certain neighborhood associations from certain statutes governing real estate agents
HB 2008 - (O'Connor) Revises provisions relating to the sale and titling of motor vehicles and vessels
HB 2009 - (O'Connor) Creates advertising signage requirements for motor vehicle dealers
HJR 047 - (Willoughby) Allows joint boards and commissions to own, operate and issue bonds for joint municipal utility projects
SB 0708 Mathewson - Revises membership of Clean Water Commission
SB 0715 Rohrbach - Creates the Environmental Regulation Consistency Act
SB 0770 Russell - Revises documentation required for telecommunications companies to charge for Internet services
SB 0784 Russell - Requires posting of notice and limits times for application of pesticides, insecticides and herbicides
SB 0810 Dougherty - Modifies provisions relating to supplemental assistance payments for the elderly and disabled
SB 0821 Dougherty - Allows division of design and construction to contract for guaranteed energy cost savings
SB 0829 Dougherty - Allows the Department of Health to investigate complaints of air quality in public schools
SB 0834 Sims - Allows Sunday liquor sales by the drink at establishments within an international airport
SB 0845 Russell - Exempts from public inspection certain public records furnished by a municipal utility to the PSC
SB 0850 House - Revises the regulation of unsolicited telephone sales calls
SB 0870 Goode - Increases penalty that may be imposed by the PSC for safety related violations of the Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act
SB 0872 Dougherty - Creates the Consumer Clean Energy Act to promote energy efficiency
SB 0881 Steelman - Creates the Environmental Hearing Commission
SB 0886 Bentley - Allows political subdivisions to provide telecommunication providers with certain services or facilities
SB 0888 Gross - PSC must set ratemaking principles before new generation is constructed and DNR must act on permits within 180 days
SB 0892 Kenney - Allows certain additional services to be prepurchased from cemeteries
SB 0900 Goode - Allows for aggregate purchasing of natural gas by public school districts & PSC to refund ratepayers certain amounts
SB 0919 Klarich - Requires used motor vehicle dealers to attend 6-hour educational seminar in order to obtain or renew license
SB 0926 Kenney - Revises numerous provisions relating to the sale of motor vehicles and vessels
SB 0941 DePasco - Allows owners of business property to appoint representative in matters involving drainage districts
SB 0959 Kenney - Director of Revenue may issue opinion whether certain invest ment corporations may use multistate income calculation
SB 0964 DePasco - Allows cigarette retailers to participate in cigarette merchandising, advertising, display or promotion programs
SB 0971 Klindt - Requires risk assessment and cost-benefit analysis be prepared when certain environmental rules are promulgated
SB 0973 Klindt - Creates the Missouri Biomass Technology Commission
SB 0984 Steelman - Revises various provisions relating to the Department of Natural Resources
SB 0985 Steelman - Relates to bond authorization for water, sewer and stormwater projects
SB 0998 Staples - Includes all personal property stored in a self-service storage facility in the lien and modifies sale provisions
SB 1008 Stoll - Streamlines the process and oversight of cleanups and encourages voluntary cleanup sites
SB 1011 Caskey - Removes references to used tires from the waste tire law and sets emission limits for use of tire derived fuel
SB 1012 Caskey - Extends the period of payments from 10 to 20 years on guaranteed energy cost savings contracts
SB 1013 Steelman - Allows for transfers of generation of electrical corporations to an affiliated party
SB 1019 Stoll - Posting requirements regarding the use of pool tables
SB 1042 Bland - Dedicates additional revenue to the energy assistance program
SB 1054 Steelman - Relates to common sewer districts and sanitary sewer improvement subdistricts
SB 1072 Childers - Revises provisions relating to water permitting for aquaculture facilities
SB 1100 Childers - Creates the "Consumer Clean Energy Act"
SB 1110 Steelman - Requires landlords to permit equal access for telecommunica- tions and cable providers in certain circumstances
SB 1116 Dougherty - Allows PSC to consider ability to pay as a factor in setting rates
SB 1131 Gibbons - Revises requirements for joint municipal utility commissions and projects
SB 1144 Dougherty - Modifies provisions of the air conservation statutes relating to enacting stricter standards than the EPA
SB 1163 Steelman - Clarifies provisions in the air emissions banking and trading program
SB 1170 Childers - Creates the Public Counsel Fund
SB 1174 Steelman - Allows consumers with at least 50 employers to file a rate complaint with the Public Service Commission
SB 1201 Foster - Provides for contract provisions in purchase agreements for genetically enhanced seed
SB 1209 Goode - Revises PSC provisions regarding appointment of commissioners; ex parte communications & employees of PSC
SB 1234 Bland - Allows the PSC to consider the ability to pay as factor in setting utility rates and establishes a low-income program
SB 1235 Bland - Allows the PSC to refund ratepayers for unauthorized use charges, penalties & refunds from pipelines after hearing
SB 1243 Johnson - Changes term innkeeper to lodging establishment and changes posting of notice requirements for lodging establishments
SB 1251 Gibbons - Allows for designation of next of kin
SB 1263 Kenney - Regulates competition between public and private providers of cable television services
SB 1265 Kenney - Creates enforcement provisions to prohibit sale of tobacco products to minors
SB 1266 Kenney - Creates felony for sale or distribution of gray market cigarettes
SB 1272 Klindt - Bans fuels mixed with MTBE
SB 1273 Goode - Allows water corporations to bill for security costs
SJR 034 Gibbons - Allows joint boards and commissions to own, operate, and issue bonds for joint municipal utility projects

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