SB 1263 Regulates competition between public and private providers of cable television services
LR Number:4946S.01I Fiscal Note:4946-01
Committee:Commerce and Environment
Last Action:03/19/02 - Hearing Conducted S Commerce & Environment Committee Journal page:
Effective Date:August 28, 2002
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Current Bill Summary

SB 1263 - This act regulates competition between public and private providers of cable television services. Political subdivisions may not prefer the public cable service over private cable service; fail to apply cable regulations on a nondiscriminatory basis; or fail to pay all applicable fees or their equivalent. Political subdivisions may not have extraterritorial public cable service recipients in excess of 50% of the number of participants within the political subdivision or unreasonably withhold a request to modify terms of a franchise.

Political subdivisions are required to provide notice of consideration of certain ordinances relating to provision of cable service. Notice must be at least 45 days prior to the enactment of the ordinance, must be in writing and delivery requirements are specified. Political subdivisions are required to prepare and publish annual accountings. Disputes must first be submitted to arbitration and thereafter may bring a civil action. In certain circumstances a political subdivision may bring a civil action for declaratory relief. Issues which may be considered by the court are specified.

Similar provisions are contained in CCS/SCS/HB 1402 (TAT) (2002).