Senator Kinder
Bills Co-Sponsored

SB 0641 - Exempts certain employees from union membership, prohibits payroll deductions for, and the requirement of, service fees
SB 0705 - Allows departments and divisions to exempt certain employees from union membership
SB 0735 - Creates a tax credit for contributions to scholarship charities
SB 0746 - Allows recognition of bargaining unit upon approval of majority of employees in unit
SB 0865 - Changes the assessment renewal on boll weevil eradication from five years to ten years
SB 0959 - Director of Revenue may issue opinion whether certain invest ment corporations may use multistate income calculation
SB 0976 - Requires one member of the state board of health to be a chiropractor
SB 1006 - Regarding prosecution of persons charged with theft or fraud ulent use of credit devices or credit in different venues
SB 1014 - Adopts the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
SB 1127 - Revises the procedures for dispersing funds from the Division of Tourism Supplemental Revenue Fund
SB 1145 - Modifies the regulation and supervision of physician assistants
SB 1162 - Authorizes an appropriation for the Kansas and Missouri Metropolitan Cultural District
SB 1164 - Creates the Sports Center Redevelopment Authority Act

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