Senator Stoll
Bills Co-Sponsored

SB 0667 - Establishes teacher salary supplements for National Board teacher certification
SB 0675 - Revises election laws
SB 0676 - Modifies the WW2 medallion program and funding to the Veterans' Commission Capital Improvement Trust Fund
SB 0727 - Revises the law regarding tinted windows
SB 0827 - Mandates insurance coverage for clinical trials for treatment of cancer or other life-threatening illnesses
SB 0886 - Allows political subdivisions to provide telecommunication providers with certain services or facilities
SB 0911 - Allows retainage in private building contracts
SB 0947 - Revises community colleges' property tax rates, capital improvement subdistricts, & MOHEFA direct deposit agreements
SB 0976 - Requires one member of the state board of health to be a chiropractor
SB 1013 - Allows for transfers of generation of electrical corporations to an affiliated party
SB 1059 - Generates numerous modifications to the state's education policy
SB 1087 - Revises certificate of need law and enacts a review certification procedure for acute care facilities
SB 1097 - Outlines procedures for the comanagement of patients by optometrists and ophthalmologists
SB 1100 - Creates the "Consumer Clean Energy Act"
SB 1127 - Revises the procedures for dispersing funds from the Division of Tourism Supplemental Revenue Fund
SB 1136 - Alters definitions concerning the state school funding formula
SB 1206 - Grants the state board of education authority to lapse certain provisionally accredited school districts
SB 1215 - Limits insurers' use of credit in their underwriting process and establishes restrictions on termination of insurance

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