Senator Westfall
Bills Sponsored

SB 0036 - Provides for .08 DWI/BAC and increases collateral consequences
SB 0037 - Classifies attempted theft of anhydrous ammonia as a crime; owner immunity
SB 0038 - This act makes the Department of Conservation liable for all damages resulting from reintroduction of elk
SB 0091 - Requires drivers to take certain actions when emergency vehicle is approaching
SB 0092 - Exempts driver's license applicants with certain religious beliefs from providing their social security number
SB 0221 - Exempts retailers from sales tax for inventory donated to private or public education entities
SB 0237 - Requires drivers to obey the traffic-related signals and directions of sheriffs and deputy sheriffs
SB 0247 - Prohibits new construction of billboards along certain highways and the cutting of trees along the highways
SB 0278 - Allows a municipality to use condemnation in order to construct or acquire natural gas service
SB 0291 - Prohibits open containers of alcohol in motor vehicles
SB 0321 - Revises laws pertaining to sheltered workshops
SB 0332 - Allows student participation in events of certain organizations during school hours
SB 0406 - Allows Director of Revenue to enter into agreements with foreign countries regarding reciprocity of driver's licenses
SB 0459 - Removes sunset on aviation fuel, reduces the amount other agencies get from the transportation fund and other changes
SB 0462 - Revises numerous provisions relating to agriculture
SB 0463 - Revises state school aid formula
SB 0492 - Includes departments of Agriculture, Economic Development and Revenue in merit system
SB 0493 - Includes Agriculture Department in merit system
SB 0497 - Creates state aid payment for educating pupils with limited English proficiency
SB 0498 - Requires Department of Conservation to pay damages to motor vehicles caused by wild elk
SB 0595 - Retired certificated and non-certificated employees may be hired by school districts for 2 yrs. without losing benefits
SB 0609 - Revises protions of the Model Traffic Ordinance chapter
SB 0610 - Modifies law relating to county collectors and the county commission of Clay County
SB 0622 - Allows Sheriff to seize misappropriated property held by a pawnbroker
SB 0623 - Allows 2 sets of specialized plates to be issued to Missouri members of Congress
SCR 033 - Establishes a Joint Interim Committee to study funding for highways and transportation
SJR 015 - Amends the Constitution so that 100% of the sales tax on motor vehicles is used for transportation purposes
HB 0163 - Includes moneys for certain reimbursements within the Highway Patrol Motor Vehicle and Aircraft Revolving Fund
HB 0302 - Lowers blood alcohol content from .10 to .08 and revises other measures related to alcohol related offenses
HB 0420 - Removes termination date on motorcycle safety education program
HB 0648 - Modifies law regarding issuance of a driver's permit
HB 0954 - Revises driver's license suspension and revocation procedures for persons under twenty-one years of age

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