SB 0610 Modifies law relating to county collectors and the county commission of Clay County
LR Number:2163L.04T Fiscal Note:2163-04
Committee:Local Government and Economic Development
Last Action:05/18/01 - In Conference Journal page:
Title:CCS HCS SB 610
Effective Date:August 28, 2001
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Current Bill Summary

CCS/HCS/SB 610 - This act clarifies several provisions of local government law.

COUNTY COLLECTOR DEPUTIES - This portion of the act requires all deputies or assistants that are appointed by the collector or treasurer ex officio collector to provide a bond that is approved by the collector. The bond amount will not exceed one-half of the amount of the maximum bond required for any collector or treasurer ex officio collector. The county or city that is being protected will provide the premium for the bond.

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR - This portion of the act requires that any money or other property found on a dead body be delivered to the county or city public administrator within thirty days after an inquest unless claimed by the legal representative of the deceased in the meantime. If not delivered to the public administrator, the public administrator may bring civil action to recover the property. Under current law, the property must be delivered to the city or county treasurer.

This portion of the act is similar to HB 745 (2001).

REAL & PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX EXEMPTION - This portion of the act clarifies that qualifying property will not be exempt if it does not meet the requirements for tax exemption on the first day of January in any given year. Such property will not be considered exempt from taxes until the first day of January in the following year.