Senator Staples
Bills Sponsored

SB 0017 - Removes State Auditor from the Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight
SB 0018 - Exempts persons 21 years of age or older from wearing motorcycle helmets
SB 0198 - Authorizes Ripley, Oregon and Shannon counties to impose a law enforcement sales tax of up to one percent
SB 0238 - Revises the Tourism Supplemental Revenue Fund
SB 0244 - Suspends driver's license of those who steal gas, penalizes speeders in work zones, and revises other vehicle laws
SB 0279 - Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act - Establishes treatment requirements for nonviolent drug offenders
SB 0443 - Removes the requirement that water patrol officers be bonded in the same manner as sheriffs
SB 0444 - Revises various sections regarding watercraft law from floatation devices to powers of the Water Patrol officers
SB 0565 - Prohibits Department of Transportation from contracting with truck stops, gas stations or convenience stores
SCR 010 - Asks Congress to approve the Railroad Retirement and Survivors Improvement Act
HB 0052 - Prohibits the prosecuting attorney of St. Francois County from engaging in the private practice of law
HB 0070 - Limits motorcycle helmet requirement to persons under twenty-one years of age
HB 0502 - Authorizes a conveyance of certain property in St. Francois County to the American Legion
HB 0732 - Makes technical revisions to water patrol law and deletes the bonding requirement for water patrol officers
HCR 014 - Urges Congress to support the Railroad Retirement and Survivors Improvement Act

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