SB 0244 Suspends driver's license of those who steal gas, penalizes speeders in work zones, and revises other vehicle laws
LR Number:0857S.10T Fiscal Note:0857-10
Last Action:07/10/01 - Signed by Governor Journal page:
Title:CCS HCS SS SB 244
Effective Date:August 28, 2001
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Current Bill Summary

CCS/HCS/SS/SB 244 - This act makes several changes to laws regarding motor vehicle regulations and other measures related to transportation.

REST AREAS - This act prohibits the Department of Transportation from contracting with private entities to operate truck stops, fueling stations, convenience stores or restaurants near interstate public rest areas. This act requires the Department of Transportation to examine the Vermont and Utah programs which have phased out interstate public rest areas. These state programs have implemented a public/private partnership with designated rest exits. This act does not prohibit the Department of Transportation from maintaining existing public rest areas or constructing new rest areas (Section 226.003). This provision was contained in SB 565 (2001) (HA 1).

SHELTERED WORKSHOPS EXEMPTION FROM LICENSE REGISTRATION - Under this act, sheltered workshops are exempt from the provisions of law requiring the registration, proof of ownership and the display of number plates on motor vehicles owned by such organizations (Section 301.260).

STEALING GASOLINE FROM GAS STATIONS - Under this act, a person who has been convicted of stealing gas from a gas station will have his or her driver's license suspended. The person's first suspension shall be for a period of sixty days. A person may apply for a hardship license after serving 30 days of the suspension period. The second suspension will be for a period of 90 days. The third or subsequent suspension for stealing gasoline will result in an 180 day suspension. An individual will have to pay $25 to have his or her license reinstated after the suspension period (Section 302.286).

U-TURNS - This act modifies the section regarding U-turns, stating that U-turns and other similar maneuvers are not allowed unless performed at a proper intersection or interchange designated by the Department of Transportation (Section 304.015)(HA 10).

RAILROAD CROSSING - This act prohibits drivers from driving through a railroad crossing where there is insufficient space to completely drive through it and prohibits crossing where the undercarriage of a vehicle might contact the railroad tracks. This provision is contained in SCS/SBs 52 & 91 (2001)(Section 304.035).

BRIDGES - This act also changes the current bridge formula structure. Currently, one weight formula applies to primary and interstate highways and another weight formula applies to supplementary highways. The act establishes one statewide weight structure. The Highways and Transportation Commission is allowed to establish maximum weight and speed limits for vehicles using bridges that are in such condition that weights specified by the standard weight formula will endanger the bridge. Special posting is required in such cases (Section 304.180)(HA 10). This provision was also contained in SCS/SBs 52 & 91.

CONSTRUCTION ZONE SPEEDING - This act imposes an additional fine of $250 for speeding or passing in a construction zone if a construction worker is present. The act also requires the Department of Transportation to erect signs to warn drivers that a $250 fine will be imposed for speeding or passing in the work zone. This provision is similar to one contained in SCS/SBs 52 and 91 (2001). These provisions were also contained in SB 683 (2000) and HB 338 (1999) (Section 304.580).

TINTED WINDOWS - This act permits any person to use vision- reducing material with a light transmission of 35% or more, plus or minus 3%, and a luminous reflectance of 35% or more, plus or minus 3%, on the side and rear windows on a motor vehicle (Section 307.173). Current law requires a permit from the Department of Public Safety in order to have tinted windows of this nature. This provision is contained in HB 120 (2001).

SCHOOL BUS TAILPIPES - This act allows school bus exhaust tailpipes to extend two inches beyond the perimeter of the body or bumper. Current law does not allow the exhaust tailpipes to protrude from the bus at all (Section 307.375). This provision is similar to one contained in SCS/SBs 52 and 91 (2001) (HA 1).

PAYMENT FOR GOODS AND SERVICES - This act requires persons who have entered into contracts with transportation property providers to make scheduled payments within 30 days of delivery of goods if no time is specified in the contract. Any person who is not paid within the time period may bring suit. This portion of the act is similar to SB 16 (2001). Retailers who perform warranty work on industrial, maintenance and construction power equipment shall be reimbursed by the manufacturer at an hourly labor rate that is the same or higher than the hourly labor rate the retailer charges a consumer for nonwarranty repair work (Section 431.181).

EPAct - This act establishes an EPAct credit banking and selling program to allow purchase of biodiesel fuel for state vehicles (Section 414.407) (HA 8). This provision is also contained in the TAT version of CCS/SS/SCS/HB 453.

SCHOOL WARNING SIGNS GRANTS - This act allows the Director of the Department of Transportation to award grants to local governments to obtain retro reflective sheeting for school warning signs (Section 1)(HA 13).