Financial and Governmental Organization,
Assigned Bills

HB 0048 - (Relford) Revises provisions for funeral directors and embalmers
HB 0129 - (Van Zandt) Prohibits certain government contracts for the examination of taxpayer records
HB 0180 - (Thompson) Creates a women offender program in the department of corrections
HB 0207 - (Ross) Allows vehicles to be donated for veterans, and provides matching grants for veterans' service officers
HB 0236 - (Smith (011)) Establishes the Juvenile Information Governance Commission
HB 0237 - (Smith (011)) Makes several changes to the Sunshine Law governing meetings and records of public entities
HB 0249 - (Treadway) Requires licenses for amusement machine operators
HB 0262 - (Linton) Limits access to personally identifiable student records
HB 0266 - (Treadway) Limits to whom real estate brokers and agents may pay commissions or other consideration
HB 0287 - (Williams (121)) Regulates private jails
HB 0441 - (Holt) Allows World War I, World War II and Korean War veterans to receive a high school diploma
HB 0491 - (George) Eliminates office of marshall in third classification cities contracting for police services
HB 0567 - (Treadway) Revises provisions for various boards and professions under the Division of Professional Registration
HB 0592 - (Williams (121)) Creates the multicultural program and committee within the office of the lieutenant governor
HB 0621 - (Gratz) Creates Missouri State Penitentiary Redevelopment Commission
HB 0664 - (Skaggs) Makes changes to charitable gift annuities provisions
HB 0736 - (Liese) Revises banking law
HB 0738 - (Liese) Modifies financial services law, particularly unsecured consumer loans and banking
HB 0745 - (Farnen) Allows unclaimed property to be collected by a county or city public administrator
HB 0801 - (Liese) Prohibits release of nonpublic information by financial institutions
HB 0882 - (Crump) Makes changes in the pari-mutuel wagering law and creates the Horse Racing for Education Fund
HB 0891 - (Smith (011)) Prohibits the disclosure of medical information unless the individual authorizes its release
SB 0003 Schneider - Interest shall be calculated by actuarial method on prepayment of loans
SB 0019 Goode - Revises the standard of proof and other aspects of the Sunshine Law
SB 0028 Rohrbach - Prohibits poll watchers and challengers in presidential primary elections from collecting certain information
SB 0030 Rohrbach - Prohibits private prisons or jails
SB 0062 Carter - Requires that employers give employees time off to serve as election judges
SB 0063 Carter - Allows election authorities the option of providing early voting (voting before the election)
SB 0085 Rohrbach - State employees' home addresses and phone numbers are to be confidential
SB 0131 Bland - Lowers the maximum penalties consumers must pay for late payments on certain credit transactions
SB 0148 Goode - Specifies the effective dates for laws passed by initiative and vetoed bills when veto is overridden
SB 0174 Bland - Requires the Division of Family Services to provide an annual report on the status of welfare reform in Missouri
SB 0179 Rohrbach - Exempts residential mortgage brokers who post sufficient bond from conducting annual certified audits
SB 0182 Loudon - Requires run-off elections when no candidate receives more than fifty percent of the votes in certain contests
SB 0186 Klarich - Changes provisions pertaining to entities regulated by the Division of Finance
SB 0189 Russell - Requires disclosure of identity of persons making political phone calls
SB 0191 Goode - St. Louis County third class cities to fill vacancies by appointment; eliminates office of marshal for certain cities
SB 0200 Sims - Creates Women Offender Program in the Department of Corrections
SB 0226 Goode - Creates a Life Science Research Program
SB 0251 Kinder - Requires that redistricting for Congress and the General Assembly be based upon actual population counts
SB 0327 Yeckel - Allows the certification of naturopathic practitioners
SB 0339 Stoll - Allocates funds from the Veterans' Commission Capital Improvements Trust Fund for veterans' service programs
SB 0341 Jacob - Requires sheriffs to become certified peace officers
SB 0354 Johnson - This act creates the Missouri Commission on Total Compensation
SB 0376 Childers - Funds programs within Division of Fire Safety, allows fire district sales tax and property tax reduction
SB 0382 Yeckel - Prohibits release of nonpublic information by financial institutions
SB 0385 Mathewson - Enacts new licensure requirements for accountants
SB 0388 Caskey - Closes portions of hospital records and meetings in certain situations
SB 0390 Rohrbach - Revises state holidays and leave benefits
SB 0398 Rohrbach - Revises procedures for gubernatorial appointments
SB 0401 Singleton - Establishes Multicultural Center and program
SB 0425 Loudon - Establishes December 15 as Bill of Rights Day
SB 0427 Loudon - Modifies selection of members of boards of election commissioners
SB 0464 Dougherty - Expands the Children's Trust Fund Board from seventeen to twenty-one members
SB 0470 Goode - Creates the Second State Capitol Commission
SB 0476 Yeckel - Revises election laws
SB 0478 Stoll - Election authorities must accept absentee ballot applications by fax
SB 0479 Stoll - Modifies licensure provisions for pharmacists and pharmacies
SB 0485 Loudon - Authorizes MU to study gambling in Missouri
SB 0488 Klindt - Creates the Corrections Officer Standards and Training Commission
SB 0489 Bentley - Provides for the licensure of baccalaureate social workers
SB 0492 Westfall - Includes departments of Agriculture, Economic Development and Revenue in merit system
SB 0493 Westfall - Includes Agriculture Department in merit system
SB 0509 Cauthorn - Requires performance-based budgeting for state departments
SB 0513 House - Regulates contracts for services formerly delivered by public bodies
SB 0518 DePasco - Creates State Board of Auctioneers to regulate auctioneers
SB 0537 Stoll - Sole caretakers of homebound voters may vote absentee
SB 0538 Yeckel - Allows residential mortgage brokers to post bond instead of providing annual audits
SB 0554 House - Prohibits the disclosure of medical information unless specific individual authorizes its release
SB 0556 DePasco - Authorizes microbrewing licenses on excursion gambling boats and premises
SB 0583 Yeckel - Modifies lobbyist regulations and campaign finance laws
SB 0602 Steelman - Expands list of donees for state surplus property
SB 0613 Gibbons - Allows state surplus property to be distributed to organizations that assist veterans
SB 0618 Yeckel - Allows abandoned burial sites revert to the cemetery after seventy-five years
SJR 006 Childers - Establishes an election process for selecting Public Service Commissioners
SJR 018 Singleton - Revises term limits for elected officials

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