Missouri State Senate
Senate Bills - 2001 Session

SB 0001 - Schneider - Makes changes to court procedures; authorizes payments from Tort Victims' Fund
SB 0002 - Schneider - Requires condemnors who abandon proceedings to pay the landowner's costs and expenses
SB 0003 - Schneider - Interest shall be calculated by actuarial method on prepayment of loans
SB 0004 - Wiggins - Peace officers information within the Dept. of Revenue is confidential and changes salary for Kansas City police
SB 0005 - Wiggins - Revises Criminal Activity Forfeiture Act
SB 0006 - Wiggins - Creates statutory warranties for homeowners and prevents home solicitors from engaging in certain practices
SB 0007 - Scott - Allows notices of hearings on special business districts to be sent by regular mail
SB 0008 - Scott - Insurance premium tax liability
SB 0009 - Caskey - Revises Ag. Products Marketing Fund, creates Farmland Protection Act and MO Agricultural Adovcate's Office
SB 0010 - Caskey - Modifies judicial procedures for expiration of qualified domestic relations orders
SB 0011 - Russell - Exempts retired members of the military from paying registration fees on one motor vehicle
SB 0012 - Russell - Non-attorneys may represent corporations in certain state proceedings
SB 0013 - Russell - Exempts retired members of the military from paying the additional fee for retired military plates
SB 0014 - Mathewson - Authorizes a sales tax to fund jail districts
SB 0015 - Mathewson - Revises membership of Clean Water Commission
SB 0016 - Mathewson - Creates crime of theft of transportation of property service
SB 0017 - Staples - Removes State Auditor from the Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight
SB 0018 - Staples - Exempts persons 21 years of age or older from wearing motorcycle helmets
SB 0019 - Goode - Revises the standard of proof and other aspects of the Sunshine Law
SB 0020 - Goode - Creates the Non-native Species Council
SB 0021 - Goode - Revises the Criminal Activity Forfeiture Act
SB 0022 - Singleton - Creates the Pharmaceutical Assistance Program to allow the elderly to purchase pharmaceutical insurance
SB 0023 - Singleton - Allows voter approval of charter schools in a school district
SB 0024 - Singleton - Requires a standardized form to be used by health carriers for explanation of benefits and referrals
SB 0025 - Johnson - Removes prohibition on collection of "tuition" by the University of Missouri
SB 0026 - Johnson - Allows the State Board of Education or school boards to award high school diplomas to World War I or II veterans
SB 0027 - Johnson - Relating to exposure of humans to rabies or zoonotic disease and requiring owners to register primate animals
SB 0028 - Rohrbach - Prohibits poll watchers and challengers in presidential primary elections from collecting certain information
SB 0029 - Rohrbach - Allows certain convicted felons to obtain post-conviction DNA testing
SB 0030 - Rohrbach - Prohibits private prisons or jails
SB 0031 - DePasco - Extends the commercial zone around Kansas City from 12 to 15 miles
SB 0032 - Kinder - Provides funds for education of hearing-impaired children not attending the Missouri School for the Deaf
SB 0033 - Kinder - Public colleges and universities must certify proficiency of teaching faculty in written and spoken English
SB 0034 - Kinder - Requires physicians who perform abortions to inform women of the link between abortion and breast cancer
SB 0035 - House - Requires health plans to cover all services provided or ordered by registered nurse first assistants
SB 0036 - Westfall - Provides for .08 DWI/BAC and increases collateral consequences
SB 0037 - Westfall - Classifies attempted theft of anhydrous ammonia as a crime; owner immunity
SB 0038 - Westfall - This act makes the Department of Conservation liable for all damages resulting from reintroduction of elk
SB 0039 - Klarich - Creates procedures for disbursements from the Tort Victim's Compensation Fund
SB 0040 - Klarich - Limits or freezes assessed valuation of real property under specified conditions
SB 0041 - Kenney - Creates spinal cord injury research grants, administered by a new advisory board created for that purpose
SB 0042 - Kenney - Regulates Internet access for minors; creates summer academy at UMR; and modifies child care program safety requirements
SB 0043 - Kenney - Individuals sixty-five or older eligible for a tax credit up to $1000 for offsetting costs fo medication
SB 0044 - Bentley - Promotes adoption awareness and expedites the adoption of foster children
SB 0045 - Bentley - Allows certain foster parents to receive a dependency exemption on their income tax return
SB 0046 - Bentley - Modifies the law relating to dentists, dental hygienists and dental care for the needy
SB 0047 - Sims - Certain health care professionals may provide dental treat- ments and establishes a dental hygienist advisory commission
SB 0048 - Sims - Modifies the Family Care Safety Registry and other provisions of the law relating to children
SB 0049 - Sims - Requires the MO Consolidated Health Care Plan to contract for a long-term care insurance option for state employees
SB 0050 - Childers - Creates a Legislative Academy within the General Assembly
SB 0051 - Childers - Requires Department of Economic Development to establish six rural housing development programs
SB 0052 - Childers - Modifies traffic regulations relating to construction zones, bridge weight limits and emergency vehicles
SB 0053 - Bland - Requires charter schools to meet all accreditation standards and requirements
SB 0054 - Bland - Lowers age for jury duty from 21 to 18 and excuses certain students
SB 0055 - Bland - Creates a commission to study the death penalty and imposes a temporary moratorium on executions
SB 0056 - Stoll - Renames A+ Schools Program as "Mel Carnahan A+ Schools Program"
SB 0057 - Stoll - Authorizes state income tax credit equal to a portion of the federal earned income credit
SB 0058 - Stoll - Establishes a Bird Appreciation Day
SB 0059 - Steelman - Creates the "Adoption Awareness Law" to promote adoption as an alternative to abortion
SB 0060 - Steelman - Modifies the reporting of elder abuse and neglect and the provision of in-home services to the elderly
SB 0061 - Steelman - Authorizes countywide education sales taxes
SB 0062 - Carter - Requires that employers give employees time off to serve as election judges
SB 0063 - Carter - Allows election authorities the option of providing early voting (voting before the election)
SB 0064 - Carter - Prohibits insurance companies from using a person's credit history when issuing or renewing auto insurance policies
SB 0065 - Gibbons - Terminates the corporation franchise tax law
SB 0066 - Gibbons - Protects a parent from liability for relinquishing custody of a newborn to a hospital
SB 0067 - Gross - Exempts the homestead of those aged 65 and older from increases in property tax assessments
SB 0068 - Gross - Adds CPI adjustment to "hold harmless" school districts' school aid
SB 0069 - Gross - Amends classifications of felony crimes of stealing and receipt of stolen property
SB 0070 - Loudon - Prohibits certain fraudulent use of the Internet
SB 0071 - Loudon - Provides immunity from liability for public entities for certain sporting-type injuries
SB 0072 - Loudon - Allows electronic storage of business and public records
SB 0073 - Schneider - Modifies the regulation and supervision of physician assistants
SB 0074 - Wiggins - Authorizes state tax credit for contributions to authorized scholarship charities
SB 0075 - Wiggins - Enacts the Revised Uniform Arbitration Act
SB 0076 - Wiggins - Extends the termination date on the Kansas City public transportation sales tax from 2001 to 2003
SB 0077 - Russell - Allows non-attorneys to represent themselves before certain state agencies
SB 0078 - Russell - Requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to provide $80.00 per pupil for driver's education
SB 0079 - Goode - Revises criteria used to evaluate redevelopment projects funded by tax increment financing in certain areas
SB 0080 - Goode - Revises various utility taxes
SB 0081 - Goode - Creates crime of aggravated driving with excessive blood alcohol content
SB 0082 - Singleton - Creates procedures for physicians to engage in negotiations with HMOs and certain other insurance companies
SB 0083 - Singleton - Increases parental/guardian liability for certain acts of children and minors
SB 0084 - Singleton - Allows public school choice within a school district
SB 0085 - Rohrbach - State employees' home addresses and phone numbers are to be confidential
SB 0086 - Rohrbach - Authorizes certain counties to impose building codes and modifies other provisions of law pertaining to counties
SB 0087 - Rohrbach - Requires assessment to be filed with petition for civil commitment of sexually violent predators
SB 0088 - Kinder - Mandates ethanol phase-in in certain metropolitan areas and allows other areas to adopt ethanol phase-in programs
SB 0089 - Kinder - Creates and amends crimes relating to controlled substances and anhydrous ammonia
SB 0090 - Kinder - Imposes minimum prison terms for manufacturers of methamphetamine
SB 0091 - Westfall - Requires drivers to take certain actions when emergency vehicle is approaching
SB 0092 - Westfall - Exempts driver's license applicants with certain religious beliefs from providing their social security number
SB 0093 - Kenney - Phases in full deductibility of federal income taxes paid by individuals
SB 0094 - Kenney - Phases in full deductibility of federal income taxes for corporations
SB 0095 - Kenney - Requires those who engage in the profession of housemoving to become licensed and obtain permits for moves
SB 0096 - Bentley - Allows Purple Heart recipients to receive free motor vehicle registration and specialized license plates
SB 0097 - Bentley - Establishes a grant program for improving mathematics instruction
SB 0098 - Bentley - Revises various criminal provisions
SB 0099 - Sims - Authorizes state support for federally qualified health centers
SB 0100 - Childers - Provides civil immunity to certain crime victims and Good Samaritans for injuries to perpetrators
SB 0101 - Childers - Requires state-sponsored professional development events for teachers to occur on scheduled days
SB 0102 - Childers - Exempts certain political subdivisions from the state prevailing wage law
SB 0103 - Bland - Exempts local food sales tax and reduces federal income tax deduction, subject to referendum
SB 0104 - Bland - Establishes the Missouri Universal Health Assurance Program to provide health care benefits to all Missouri citizens
SB 0105 - Bland - Establishes the Tobacco Settlement Fund Commission
SB 0106 - Steelman - Creates a pharmaceutical assistance program for qualified senior citizens
SB 0107 - Steelman - This act makes the Department of Conservation liable for all damages resulting from reintroduction of elk
SB 0108 - Steelman - Creates MO Engineering and Science Academy and summer program for science teachers
SB 0109 - Gross - Increases immunity from liability for volunteers of non- profit organizations from simple to gross negligence
SB 0110 - Gross - Corrects intersectional references in law regulating the manufacture, renovation and sale of mattresses
SB 0111 - Gross - Revenue Department to cooperate in federal-state agreement to recognize disabled persons license plates
SB 0112 - Loudon - Prohibits ticket scalping for entertainment events
SB 0113 - Loudon - Defines proper venues for credit card fraud crimes
SB 0114 - Loudon - Deems a positive test for controlled substances misconduct connected with work
SB 0115 - Wiggins - Income tax deductions for certain elementary and secondary school expenses
SB 0116 - Wiggins - Substantially revises Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code concerning secured transactions
SB 0117 - Wiggins - Provides additional protection for health care consumers
SB 0118 - Goode - Allows additional counties to establish homeless programs and increases fees on recorded instruments to $5
SB 0119 - Goode - Establishes the Missouri Tobacco Settlement Trust Fund
SB 0120 - Goode - Establishes good faith employee negotiations for certain public employees
SB 0121 - Singleton - Requires a health carrier to allow any willing provider to participate in its network if it meets selection standards
SB 0122 - Kinder - Limits state agency contracts for legal services
SB 0123 - Kinder - Prohibits political subdivisions from suing firearms manufacturers for sale or marketing to public
SB 0124 - Kinder - Allows community notification regarding registered sex offenders, based on assessment of danger
SB 0125 - Bentley - Authorizes removal of property from the Springfield Community Improvement District
SB 0126 - Bentley - Allows the State Board of Education or school boards to award high school diplomas to World War II veterans
SB 0127 - Childers - Revises permit approval process for certain wastewater treatment facilities
SB 0128 - Childers - Grants immunity from liability for injuries or death resulting from risks of paddlesport activities
SB 0129 - Childers - Modifies joint and several liability, the collateral source rules of evidence, and punitive damages
SB 0130 - Bland - Requires placement of warning signs in establishments licensed to sell or serve alcoholic beverages
SB 0131 - Bland - Lowers the maximum penalties consumers must pay for late payments on certain credit transactions
SB 0132 - Bland - Preserves Walt Disney Film Studio as an historic site
SB 0133 - Steelman - University of Missouri-Rolla may sponsor charter schools
SB 0134 - Loudon - Requires full funding of categorical programs prior to over- funding of state aid formula
SB 0135 - Wiggins - Revises the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement law
SB 0136 - Wiggins - Modifies membership and duties of the Organ Donation Advisory Committee; allows increased contributions
SB 0137 - Wiggins - Creates felony of intimidation of an athletic coach, manager or sports official
SB 0138 - Goode - Reduces speed limit by five m.p.h. for trucks on certain highways, expressways and interstates of this state
SB 0139 - Goode - Creates a grant program for employees who purchase homes in areas of economic decline near where they work
SB 0140 - Goode - Specifies that article used in trade-in to offset sales tax must have had tax paid or been exempted from tax
SB 0141 - Childers - Designates llamas as livestock
SB 0142 - Childers - Allows owners of different classes of motor vehicles to apply for Korean War Veteran license plates
SB 0143 - Childers - Allows any person replacing stolen license plates to receive at no cost up to two license plates per year
SB 0144 - Bland - Requires racial profiling information for every stop of a motor vehicle
SB 0145 - Bland - Requires state colleges and universities to admit certain high school graduates
SB 0146 - Bland - Establishes Pilot Program of Urban Early Compulsory School Attendance
SB 0147 - Wiggins - Exempts the sale of coffins, caskets, burial cases and burial vaults from sales/use tax
SB 0148 - Goode - Specifies the effective dates for laws passed by initiative and vetoed bills when veto is overridden
SB 0149 - Goode - Revises motor vehicle emissions inspections for certain areas
SB 0150 - Goode - Increases penalties imposed by Public Service Commission for safety related violations of Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Ac
SB 0151 - Childers - Prohibits insurers from placing applicants in high-risk coverage categories based on no prior insurance coverage
SB 0152 - Childers - Allows deduction of Federal Insurance Contribution Act payments when calculating Missouri personal income taxes
SB 0153 - Bland - School districts may create after-school and summer educational programs for at-risk youth
SB 0154 - Bland - State colleges and universities to establish telecommunity centers
SB 0155 - Bland - Establishes the General Assembly Scholarship Program funded by a nonresident earnings tax
SB 0156 - Goode - Modifies alcohol licensing and reporting procedures through the Department of Public Safety
SB 0157 - Goode - Revises the sunset on disclosure of certain municipal utility records
SB 0158 - Bland - Requires health insurance policies to provide coverage for twenty-four hours of inpatient care following surgery
SB 0159 - Bland - Authorizes an appropriation to Missouri Housing Development Commission for grants to local housing development groups
SB 0160 - Bland - Prohibits an insurer from refusing to insure an eligible person's interest in certain residential property
SB 0161 - Bland - Prohibits health carriers from changing conditions of its drug formulary during contract period
SB 0162 - Bland - Restricts a landlord from entering a lessee's premises without a reasonable business purpose and notice
SB 0163 - Bland - Establishes a Needle Exchange Program within the Department of Health
SB 0164 - Bland - Outlines minimum staffing requirements for skilled nursing facilities
SB 0165 - Bland - Provides protection for health care consumers
SB 0166 - Bland - Reestablishes the Joint Committee on Health Care, Policy and Planning
SB 0167 - Bland - Modifies the licensure requirements of persons dealing with lead-bearing substances
SB 0168 - Bland - Allows a waiver of bidding procedures for mental health services in certain situations
SB 0169 - Bland - Expands the scope of instruments to be charged a fee when filing with the county recorder
SB 0170 - Bland - Prohibits sale of firearms without a trigger locking device
SB 0171 - Bland - Authorizes a two-year tax free zone in Kansas City
SB 0172 - Bland - Authorizes state income tax credit for purchase of goods or services from qualified minority business enterprise
SB 0173 - Bland - Allows cities and counties to enact a homestead exemption for certain senior citizens
SB 0174 - Bland - Requires the Division of Family Services to provide an annual report on the status of welfare reform in Missouri
SB 0175 - Bland - Requires posting of notice of tax sale to include information concerning debt secured by property being sold
SB 0176 - Bland - Revises procedures for payment of delinquent property taxes
SB 0177 - Schneider - Authorizes state income tax deduction for school tuition, attendance fees, supplies and transportation costs
SB 0178 - Schneider - Amends law regarding condominium association's bylaws and limited liability company filing requirements
SB 0179 - Rohrbach - Exempts residential mortgage brokers who post sufficient bond from conducting annual certified audits
SB 0180 - Klarich - State policy is to recognize marriage only between a male and a female
SB 0181 - Caskey - Amends motor vehicle tinted window prohibition
SB 0182 - Loudon - Requires run-off elections when no candidate receives more than fifty percent of the votes in certain contests
SB 0183 - Schneider - Modifies certain provisions of the Second Injury Fund
SB 0184 - Johnson - Expands ability of boards to fund sheltered workshops and other services for persons with developmental disabilities
SB 0185 - Loudon - Revises the process for the registration of historic motor vehicles
SB 0186 - Klarich - Changes provisions pertaining to entities regulated by the Division of Finance
SB 0187 - Schneider - Appeals of Public Service Commission orders shall go directly to the Court of Appeals
SB 0188 - Russell - Exempts military retirement benefits from state income tax
SB 0189 - Russell - Requires disclosure of identity of persons making political phone calls
SB 0190 - Russell - Revises documentation required for telecommunications companies to charge for Internet service
SB 0191 - Goode - St. Louis County third class cities to fill vacancies by appointment; eliminates office of marshal for certain cities
SB 0192 - Schneider - Prohibits capital punishment of a mentally retarded person and restricts use of evidence obtained from such a person
SB 0193 - Rohrbach - Governs the qualifications for licensing insurance producers and revises deduction for insurance examination fees
SB 0194 - Schneider - Prohibits health carriers from changing conditions of their drug formulary during contract periods
SB 0195 - Schneider - Requires retailers to return sales tax refunds to those paying the tax
SB 0196 - Scott - Expands responsibility of the St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners
SB 0197 - Johnson - Expands grant of immunity for the donation of certain fire equipment
SB 0198 - Staples - Authorizes Ripley, Oregon and Shannon counties to impose a law enforcement sales tax of up to one percent
SB 0199 - Sims - Authorizes automated traffic enforcement programs
SB 0200 - Sims - Creates Women Offender Program in the Department of Corrections
SB 0201 - Sims - Governor shall declare February as Missouri Lifelong Learning Month
SB 0202 - Wiggins - Enacts the Uniform Athlete Agents Act
SB 0203 - Scott - Exempts food from the sales tax imposed by the metropolitan park and recreation system
SB 0204 - House - Exempts residential property owned by the elderly from certain increases in assessed valuation
SB 0205 - Bland - Establishes tax credits for persons, including employers, paying for or providing child care
SB 0206 - Wiggins - Changes statutes dealing with on-site sewage treatment systems
SB 0207 - Klarich - Expands those who are not liable for information reported to the State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts
SB 0208 - Sims - Provides property tax relief for disabled veterans
SB 0209 - DePasco - Removes statute of limitations for certain unclassified crimes
SB 0210 - DePasco - Creates a home builders licensure board to license and regulate residential home builders
SB 0211 - DePasco - Limits sound amplification in motor vehicles
SB 0212 - Gross - Exempts military income, including retirement income, from state income tax
SB 0213 - Gross - Allows individuals a tax credit on taxes paid on residential property
SB 0214 - Gross - Revises crime of possession of child pornography
SB 0215 - Gross - Increases the handling fees collected from issuers of bad checks by the prosecuting attorney
SB 0216 - Scott - Clarifies appointments to the State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts
SB 0217 - Russell - Prohibits glass food and beverage containers near navigable streams
SB 0218 - Russell - Sales and use tax exemptions for railroads
SB 0219 - Mathewson - Allows a surviving spouse to obtain an autopsy report
SB 0220 - Kinder - Adopts the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
SB 0221 - Westfall - Exempts retailers from sales tax for inventory donated to private or public education entities
SB 0222 - Caskey - Creates felony for sale or distribution of gray market cigarettes
SB 0223 - Caskey - Clarifies procedure for court instructions regarding lesser included offenses
SB 0224 - Russell - Authorizes the creation of law enforcement districts in Camden County funded with property tax
SB 0225 - Mathewson - Creates the Department of Health and Senior Services and transfers the duties of Division of Aging to new department
SB 0226 - Goode - Creates a Life Science Research Program
SB 0227 - Jacob - Life insurance beneficiary designations made after August 28 shall not be presumed revoked upon divorce
SB 0228 - Jacob - Exempts clothing purchased in early August, 2001 from state and local sales and use taxation
SB 0229 - Jacob - Authorizes certain design and build contracts when the contractor is not licensed in Missouri
SB 0230 - Childers - Authorizes Taney, Stone, Barry and Ozark counties to impose a sales tax for economic development programs
SB 0231 - Gross - Allows local governments to eliminate the local sales tax on food
SB 0232 - Gross - The murder of a child age 12 or less is aggravating factor for a sentence of death
SB 0233 - Wiggins - Creates cause of action for damages resulting from another's drug use
SB 0234 - Wiggins - Exempts certain interstate telecommunications services from sales taxes
SB 0235 - Sims - Repeals certificate of need law and enacts law regarding "review certification"
SB 0236 - Sims - Modifies provisions relating to children and families
SB 0237 - Westfall - Requires drivers to obey the traffic-related signals and directions of sheriffs and deputy sheriffs
SB 0238 - Staples - Revises the Tourism Supplemental Revenue Fund
SB 0239 - Stoll - Creates new reading test and summer school reading program
SB 0240 - Stoll - Creates the Family and Community Investment Trust to strengthen community support systems for families
SB 0241 - Rohrbach - Allows mutual insurance companies to notify policy holders via newspaper under certain merger conditions
SB 0242 - Kenney - Establishes school building construction and renovation fund
SB 0243 - DePasco - Allows certain cities to punish property violations with increased penalties
SB 0244 - Staples - Suspends driver's license of those who steal gas, penalizes speeders in work zones, and revises other vehicle laws
SB 0245 - Caskey - Revises numerous sentencing provisions
SB 0246 - Caskey - Licenses bail bondsmen and surety recovery agents
SB 0247 - Westfall - Prohibits new construction of billboards along certain highways and the cutting of trees along the highways
SB 0248 - Wiggins - Revises dram shop liability
SB 0249 - Wiggins - New baseball stadium in St. Louis; funding for several stadiums in Kansas City & St. Louis
SB 0250 - Bentley - Creates a grant and loan program to promote cultural tourism
SB 0251 - Kinder - Requires that redistricting for Congress and the General Assembly be based upon actual population counts
SB 0252 - Singleton - Authorizes the Missouri National Guard and the City of Joplin to exchange two parcels of property
SB 0253 - Gross - Revises the statute of limitations and requires an affidavit to be filed in actions against certain professionals
SB 0254 - Gross - Eliminates Missouri's motor voter registration program
SB 0255 - Gross - Defines improper computer electronic mail communications
SB 0256 - Caskey - Pertains to water, stormwater and sewer service
SB 0257 - Caskey - Provides conservation agents additional benefit under the old retirement plan
SB 0258 - Rohrbach - Modifies provisions relating to court fees
SB 0259 - Childers - A percentage of insurance premium taxes shall fund various fire protection programs
SB 0260 - Gross - Plaintiff must file an affidavit of a like professional in a suit against an architect, engineer or surveyor
SB 0261 - House - Establishes the Religious Freedom Restoration Act
SB 0262 - Stoll - Establishes reciprocity for required courses in American history and institutions
SB 0263 - Stoll - Establishes excess benefit plan in school retirement systems
SB 0264 - Steelman - Division of benefits in divorce may begin on agreed upon date
SB 0265 - Schneider - Revises certain procedures for Administrative Hearing Commission
SB 0266 - Bland - Expands programs within the Department of Health
SB 0267 - Klarich - Revises various civil and criminal procedures
SB 0268 - Schneider - Eliminates certain trials de novo; chief ALJs elected for two-year terms
SB 0269 - Schneider - Establishes procedure for Tort Victims Compensation Fund
SB 0270 - Schneider - Certain chief administrative law judges shall be elected for two years
SB 0271 - Schneider - Removes time limit for establishing a circuit court library fee
SB 0272 - DePasco - Allows drivers to obtain insurance covering themselves as drivers of any vehicle driven by them
SB 0273 - Caskey - Modifies the regulation and supervision of physician assistants
SB 0274 - Caskey - Modifies provisions relating to employees and contributions to the County Employee's Retirement System
SB 0275 - Sims - Allows the placement of a deaf or hearing impaired notation on driver's licenses
SB 0276 - Sims - Allows foster children to receive a "balance scholarship" to state-funded colleges or universities
SB 0277 - Sims - Modifies distribution of local excursion gambling boat taxes within St. Louis County
SB 0278 - Westfall - Allows a municipality to use condemnation in order to construct or acquire natural gas service
SB 0279 - Staples - Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act - Establishes treatment requirements for nonviolent drug offenders
SB 0280 - Yeckel - Allows a tax credit for persons who contribute to unplanned pregnancy resource centers
SB 0281 - Yeckel - Freezes residential property valuation for senior citizens
SB 0282 - Klarich - Authorizes certain post-conviction DNA testing of evidence
SB 0283 - Steelman - Requires Missouri television stations to provide captioning of news, sports and weather
SB 0284 - Steelman - Revises treatment of American sign language in higher education institutions
SB 0285 - Steelman - Requires insurers to provide coverage for hearing exams, hearing aids and other hearing devices and services
SB 0286 - Mathewson - Increases sales tax to fund transportation projects and requires director to be elected rather than appointed
SB 0287 - Klarich - Prohibits Department of Revenue from releasing information from its records regarding peace officers
SB 0288 - Klarich - Revises provisions relating to recorders of deeds, corporations and matters regulated by the Secretary of State
SB 0289 - Sims - Requires insurers to provide annual claims reports to group policyholders
SB 0290 - Wiggins - Revises pension benefits for prosecuting attorneys, police officers and firemen
SB 0291 - Westfall - Prohibits open containers of alcohol in motor vehicles
SB 0292 - Singleton - Limits change of venue for criminal defendants
SB 0293 - Steelman - Creates Advisory Committee for Electronic Commerce
SB 0294 - Steelman - Commissioners of the family court must be elected except where the nonpartisan court plan is used
SB 0295 - Stoll - Revises use of capital funds for public community colleges
SB 0296 - Gross - Modifies provisions relating to children and families
SB 0297 - DePasco - Allows self-service storage facilities to collect late fees
SB 0298 - Quick - Requires the state to reimburse counties for reasonable medical expenses of state prisoners held in county jail
SB 0299 - Quick - Establishes the Missouri Tobacco Settlement Trust Fund
SB 0300 - Rohrbach - Certain DNR rules shall be no stricter than federal regulations with exceptions
SB 0301 - Johnson - Allows Missouri Western to convey property to the Extension Council of Buchanan County
SB 0302 - Johnson - Creates liability for double damages for knowing destruction or damage of crops
SB 0303 - Johnson - Allows school districts to directly enter into lease purchases with vendors
SB 0304 - Klarich - Permits removal of a trustee upon petition of the settlor, co-trustee or any beneficiary
SB 0305 - Jacob - Restricts big trucks to 65 mph and raises diesel fuel and registration fees for trucks
SB 0306 - Jacob - Requires insurers to provide notice to consumers regarding confidentiality of financial and health information
SB 0307 - Jacob - Modifies the delinquent date for property and personal taxes
SB 0308 - Jacob - Expands the definition of employee under the County Employees' Retirement Fund
SB 0309 - Steelman - Prohibits sealing of civil court records, with limited exceptions
SB 0310 - Quick - Revises expiration of Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund and changes certain board functions
SB 0311 - Mathewson - Allows resorts in certain counties which sell liquor by the drink to apply to remain open until 3:00 a.m.
SB 0312 - Caskey - Allows appeal of water pollution permit decisions by affected third parties
SB 0313 - Caskey - Requires HMOs to provide for 24 chiropractic visits and requires insurance policies to cover chiropractic services
SB 0314 - Steelman - Mandates time limitations for custody decisions
SB 0315 - Childers - Allows the killing of feral hogs
SB 0316 - Stoll - Requires school retirement systems to promulgate joint rules
SB 0317 - Stoll - Exempts used manufactured homes and certain used modular units from complying with manufactured housing codes
SB 0318 - Sims - Expands Medicaid eligibility to one hundred percent of the federal poverty level
SB 0319 - Carter - Revises assessments of public school students
SB 0320 - Goode - Allows use of a single contract to design and build state facilities
SB 0321 - Westfall - Revises laws pertaining to sheltered workshops
SB 0322 - Gross - Increases penalty for third or subsequent offense of second degree sexual misconduct
SB 0323 - Childers - Authorizes certain political subdivisions to enact a sales tax, upon voter approval, for specific purposes
SB 0324 - Childers - Requires Transportation Commission to issue permits in order to erect structures which might impede airplane safety
SB 0325 - Foster - Requires foresters to be registered with the Missouri Board of Registered Foresters
SB 0326 - Bland - Dedicated additional revenue to the energy assistance program
SB 0327 - Yeckel - Allows the certification of naturopathic practitioners
SB 0328 - Yeckel - Requires interchangeable recognition of medical doctors and doctors of osteopathy by insurance companies
SB 0329 - Yeckel - Prohibits release of financial information by financial institutions
SB 0330 - Jacob - Prohibits new construction of billboards along certain highways and the cutting of trees along the highways
SB 0331 - DePasco - Revises the operation and participation of the one call notification center for excavators
SB 0332 - Westfall - Allows student participation in events of certain organizations during school hours
SB 0333 - DePasco - Modifies the Kansas City Public School Retirement System
SB 0334 - Kinder - Establishes sales tax holiday and requires retailers to return sales tax refunds to those paying the tax
SB 0335 - Kinder - Establishes audit privileges for voluntary internal environmental audits
SB 0336 - Caskey - Requires vision exams for enrolling kindergarten and first grade students
SB 0337 - House - Limits the ability of the government to interfere with the exercise of religion
SB 0338 - House - Allows unemployment benefits for workers enrolled in an approved, unpaid full-time training program
SB 0339 - Stoll - Allocates funds from the Veterans' Commission Capital Improvements Trust Fund for veterans' service programs
SB 0340 - Stoll - Establishes the "Missouri Veterans' Business Council" within the Department of Economic Development
SB 0341 - Jacob - Requires sheriffs to become certified peace officers
SB 0342 - Jacob - Position of Boone County drug commissioner eliminated and associate judge added
SB 0343 - Scott - Counties that opt to have full-time prosecutors shall pay certain amount into retirement fund
SB 0344 - Rohrbach - Allows the estimation of contingent liabilities in order to fix the creditor's claim in a liquidation estate
SB 0345 - House - Relating to property maintenance codes
SB 0346 - Caskey - Expands persons who qualify for Division of Workers' Compensation Administrative Law Judge Retirement System
SB 0347 - Caskey - Sets aside a portion of property taxes for GIS systems & re- quires counties to pay PILOTS for county-purchased property
SB 0348 - Sims - Modifies procedures for the adoption of foster childern
SB 0349 - Sims - Clarifies continuing coverage for prosthetic devices or reconstructive surgery due to breast cancer
SB 0350 - Sims - Regulates individuals who provide amusement hay rides
SB 0351 - Singleton - Revises peace officer standards and training
SB 0352 - Johnson - Defines terms relating to the capital improvements sales tax in certain municipalities
SB 0353 - Johnson - Revises "recalculated levy" used to determine state aid for certain school districts
SB 0354 - Johnson - This act creates the Missouri Commission on Total Compensation
SB 0355 - Steelman - Extends unlawful merchandising practices law to those regulated by Dept. of Insurance and Div. of Credit Unions
SB 0356 - Schneider - Revenue may enforce violations of administrative supervision
SB 0357 - Schneider - Modifies licensing provisions for psychologists and professional counselors
SB 0358 - Schneider - Increases jurisdictional limit of associate courts to $50,000
SB 0359 - Schneider - Repeals statute of limitation for legislative procedural defects
SB 0360 - Schneider - Traffic court judges may not review Department of Revenue decisions
SB 0361 - Bentley - Creates CASA fund for court-appointed special advocates for children
SB 0362 - House - Creates Missouri Tobacco Settlement Fund and allocates a portion to education
SB 0363 - Scott - Raises school compulsory attendance age to seventeen
SB 0364 - Jacob - Establishes faculty representatives to governing boards of state colleges and universities
SB 0365 - Steelman - Authorizes certain political subdivisions to impose a sales tax for specific purposes
SB 0366 - House - Corrects statutory cross-references in Chapter 288, Revised Statutes of MO
SB 0367 - Steelman - Prohibits health carriers from requiring providers to use hospitalists and use all of the carrier's services
SB 0368 - Childers - Creates a program to promote sustainable forestry
SB 0369 - Steelman - Allows political subdivisions to require permits for public utility right-of-way use
SB 0370 - Caskey - Revises Principal and Income Act and the rule against perpetuities
SB 0371 - Scott - Modifies and clarifies provisions of certain state retirement systems
SB 0372 - Gibbons - Allows abatement and prospective application of taxes in certain situations
SB 0373 - Gibbons - Changes tax credits for investment in small businesses and distressed communities
SB 0374 - Steelman - Establishes a program of air pollution emissions banking and trading
SB 0375 - Steelman - Revises the Sunshine Law
SB 0376 - Childers - Funds programs within Division of Fire Safety, allows fire district sales tax and property tax reduction
SB 0377 - Singleton - Requires the Department of Health to report on contracts between managed care organizations and physicians
SB 0378 - Singleton - Tax collection in certain counties
SB 0379 - Singleton - Requires the Department of Health to report on contracts between managed care entities and nurses
SB 0380 - House - Makes technical changes in industrial classification system for employer unemployment contributions
SB 0381 - Klarich - Makes nonsolicitation agreements enforceable as they relate to certain employment practices
SB 0382 - Yeckel - Prohibits release of nonpublic information by financial institutions
SB 0383 - Johnson - Authorizes the Governor to sell certain property in Platte County
SB 0384 - House - Adds additional criteria for the denial or revocation of dietitians' licenses
SB 0385 - Mathewson - Enacts new licensure requirements for accountants
SB 0386 - Singleton - Adds a tax on the sale of certain tobacco products to fund the Missouri Pharmaceutical Assistance Program
SB 0387 - Goode - Allows electric utilities to recover certain costs impacted by fuel or purchased power price increases
SB 0388 - Caskey - Closes portions of hospital records and meetings in certain situations
SB 0389 - Scott - Creates a defined contribution plan for certain employees of state colleges and universities
SB 0390 - Rohrbach - Revises state holidays and leave benefits
SB 0391 - Rohrbach - Modifies provisions regarding reimbursements between health care professionals and health carriers
SB 0392 - Kenney - Broadens the class of employees which count toward tax credit calculations for a certain new business facility
SB 0393 - Sims - Expands provisions regarding dental services
SB 0394 - Bentley - Authorizes Southwest Missouri State University to convey a certain piece of property
SB 0395 - Carter - Provides additional protection to health care consumers
SB 0396 - Schneider - Raises gas tax by 5 cents and raises registration fees and CDL's to consumer price index level
SB 0397 - Schneider - Prohibits property owner associations from requiring their members to be members of other associations
SB 0398 - Rohrbach - Revises procedures for gubernatorial appointments
SB 0399 - Sims - Establishes purposes for Missouri Healthy Families Trust Fund
SB 0400 - Kenney - Revises motor vehicle franchise practices
SB 0401 - Singleton - Establishes Multicultural Center and program
SB 0402 - Jacob - Revises funding for certain scholarships by removing the gaming boat loss limit
SB 0403 - Kenney - Exempts pension and retirement income of seniors from state income tax
SB 0404 - DePasco - Requires Revenue Department to reinstate driving privileges after court finds in favor of driver
SB 0405 - Singleton - Revises Highway Patrol salary increases; deletes mandatory retirement at 60
SB 0406 - Westfall - Allows Director of Revenue to enter into agreements with foreign countries regarding reciprocity of driver's licenses
SB 0407 - Dougherty - Allows motorists to receive Missouri Botanical and various municipal zoo specialized license plates
SB 0408 - Dougherty - Allows partial abatement of real property taxes for certain purposes
SB 0409 - Dougherty - Tax credits for certain lead abatement projects
SB 0410 - Dougherty - Increases the foster care reimbursement and adoption subsidy rates over a three-year period
SB 0411 - Dougherty - Creates CASA fund for court-appointed special advocates for for children
SB 0412 - Dougherty - Prohibits use of genetic information and testing for insurance purposes
SB 0413 - Scott - Revises St. Louis Public School Retirement System laws
SB 0414 - Childers - Creates crime of sexual contact with an inmate
SB 0415 - House - Revises land reclamation permits and procedures for certain substances, not including coal
SB 0416 - Stoll - Requires employers to keep records regarding child employees and makes technical changes to child labor chapter
SB 0417 - Schneider - Modifies certain provisions of the Second Injury Fund and interest payments in workers' claims
SB 0418 - Schneider - Missouri Supreme Court rules shall not conflict with statutes; repeals Administrative Rule 6.05
SB 0419 - Sims - Makes certain disabled workers eligible for Medicaid
SB 0420 - Klarich - Creates a Regional Taxicab Commission in St. Louis City and St. Louis County
SB 0421 - Gross - Places certain reimbursements in the Highway Patrol Motor Motor Vehicle Aircraft Fund
SB 0422 - Steelman - Extends the fee collection period for the State Emergency Management Agency
SB 0423 - Yeckel - Adds state school aid COLA for hold harmless districts
SB 0424 - Jacob - Requires insurers to provide direct access to OB/GYN services and provide other women-related health coverage
SB 0425 - Loudon - Establishes December 15 as Bill of Rights Day
SB 0426 - Loudon - Expands authority of courts to set aside past convictions and expunge criminal records
SB 0427 - Loudon - Modifies selection of members of boards of election commissioners
SB 0428 - Loudon - Establishes standard for vicarious liability of employer for harassment of employee by supervisor
SB 0429 - Dougherty - Allows foster children to receive a tuition and fee waiver to state-funded colleges or universities
SB 0430 - Dougherty - Allows St. Louis City to levy property tax for musical services
SB 0431 - Goode - Authorizes the Governor to convey the rights to certain water held in Mark Twain Lake
SB 0432 - Stoll - Enacts Missouri Retail Customer and Worker Protection Act
SB 0433 - Kinder - Revises dram shop liability
SB 0434 - Sims - Allows expanded funding for Department of Health programs
SB 0435 - Goode - Exempts registered historic vehicles from emissions testing
SB 0436 - Goode - Requires licensee to apply for a duplicate commercial driver's license when a name change occurs
SB 0437 - Gross - Venue shall be in the most convenient forum with jurisdiction
SB 0438 - Bentley - Revises teacher compensation
SB 0439 - Gibbons - Increases firearm crime penalties; creates Project Exile
SB 0440 - DePasco - Increases handling fees for bad checks
SB 0441 - Caskey - Allows Warrensburg to receive bids to be the depository of city funds from banks at every regular meeting
SB 0442 - Caskey - Allows individuals to obtain a Safari Club license plate after paying a special fee
SB 0443 - Staples - Removes the requirement that water patrol officers be bonded in the same manner as sheriffs
SB 0444 - Staples - Revises various sections regarding watercraft law from floatation devices to powers of the Water Patrol officers
SB 0445 - Singleton - Revises "prompt-pay" provisions for health carriers and places other restrictions on health carriers
SB 0446 - Singleton - Requires specific amounts of training before a person may perform certain chiropractic procedures
SB 0447 - Carter - Provides that assessments may be given to special education students at appropriate levels
SB 0448 - Sims - Extends Medicaid or insurance coverage for breast, cervical and prostate cancer
SB 0449 - Sims - Promotes Alzheimer's Awareness through public recognition and increased training
SB 0450 - Goode - Phases in a six-cent gas tax over six years; raises the sales tax by 1/2 cent and increases registration fees
SB 0451 - Goode - Allows spending of the Energy Set-aside Program Fund for ad- ministration of DNR's energy responsibilities and activitie
SB 0452 - DePasco - Prohibits discrimination based on a person's sexual orientation
SB 0453 - Dougherty - Provides tax credits for employers who grant their employees paid maternity leave
SB 0454 - Kinder - Establishes the Missouri Tobacco Settlement Attorney Compensation Act
SB 0455 - Kinder - Revises laws relating to electric utilities
SB 0456 - Stoll - Prohibits institutions of higher education from providing certain student information to parents
SB 0457 - Stoll - Revises state school aid to certain districts
SB 0458 - Caskey - Revises numerous theft crimes to reflect new felony limit of $500
SB 0459 - Westfall - Removes sunset on aviation fuel, reduces the amount other agencies get from the transportation fund and other changes
SB 0460 - Klarich - Technical clarifications to sales and use tax exemption for bullion and investment coins
SB 0461 - Mathewson - Revises inspection provisions for beverage manufacturers and distributors
SB 0462 - Westfall - Revises numerous provisions relating to agriculture
SB 0463 - Westfall - Revises state school aid formula
SB 0464 - Dougherty - Expands the Children's Trust Fund Board from seventeen to twenty-one members
SB 0465 - Dougherty - Prohibits the refusal of residential treatment services to persons with mental disorders or addiction
SB 0466 - Dougherty - Adopts a national teacher certification incentive reward program and fund
SB 0467 - House - Broadens liability for employers who do not file or pay withholding taxes to the Department of Revenue
SB 0468 - Kenney - Repeals Missouri estate tax upon repeal of federal estate tax
SB 0469 - Gross - Changes operational control of the St. Louis International Airport
SB 0470 - Goode - Creates the Second State Capitol Commission
SB 0471 - Scott - Prohibits insurance companies' examination fee deductions from exceeding annual tax liability
SB 0472 - Caskey - Raises court reporter fees
SB 0473 - Dougherty - Makes various changes regarding children's services
SB 0474 - Rohrbach - Expands custody without warrant
SB 0475 - Yeckel - Revises distribution of gaming tax proceeds for schools
SB 0476 - Yeckel - Revises election laws
SB 0477 - Gross - Details information to be included in physician abortion reports
SB 0478 - Stoll - Election authorities must accept absentee ballot applications by fax
SB 0479 - Stoll - Modifies licensure provisions for pharmacists and pharmacies
SB 0480 - Foster - Revises minimum salaries for public school teachers
SB 0481 - Foster - Modifies portions of the Public School Retirement System
SB 0482 - Foster - Allows retainage in private building contracts
SB 0483 - Dougherty - Salary schedule credit for public schools
SB 0484 - Loudon - Expands the obligation of the Missouri Property and Casualty Guaranty Assn. for certain claims of insolvent insurers
SB 0485 - Loudon - Authorizes MU to study gambling in Missouri
SB 0486 - Yeckel - Fire district board members in St. Louis County may be recalled for misconduct in office or criminal convictions
SB 0487 - Yeckel - Counties will make payments in lieu of taxes for certain real property acquired by the county
SB 0488 - Klindt - Creates the Corrections Officer Standards and Training Commission
SB 0489 - Bentley - Provides for the licensure of baccalaureate social workers
SB 0490 - Dougherty - Increases penalties for animal abuse
SB 0491 - Rohrbach - Modifies election process for nursing home district directors
SB 0492 - Westfall - Includes departments of Agriculture, Economic Development and Revenue in merit system
SB 0493 - Westfall - Includes Agriculture Department in merit system
SB 0494 - Stoll - Increases property tax withholdings for collection costs; reduces state aid deduction for school tax
SB 0495 - Schneider - Reclassifies five associate circuit judges as circuit judges in St. Louis County
SB 0496 - Schneider - Modifies Second Injury Fund provisions
SB 0497 - Westfall - Creates state aid payment for educating pupils with limited English proficiency
SB 0498 - Westfall - Requires Department of Conservation to pay damages to motor vehicles caused by wild elk
SB 0499 - Mathewson - Establishes retail electric customer choice
SB 0500 - Mathewson - Revises certain job training programs
SB 0501 - Goode - Allows transfer of electric generating plant to wholesale affiliate and allows limited retail electric choice
SB 0502 - Jacob - Changes public school retirement benefits for divorced members
SB 0503 - DePasco - Allows cities and 1st class counties to establish an automatic traffic light signal violation monitoring system
SB 0504 - Loudon - Healthy Families Trust Fund to pay for certain health insurance costs
SB 0505 - Loudon - Expands meaning of "owner-operator" of a vehicle for hire for purposes of workers' compensation
SB 0506 - Cauthorn - Creates the Farmland Protection Act
SB 0507 - Cauthorn - Exempts agriculture land from any laws prohibiting open burning of hay bales or brush
SB 0508 - Cauthorn - Repeals state estate tax if federal estate tax is repealed
SB 0509 - Cauthorn - Requires performance-based budgeting for state departments
SB 0510 - Kenney - Revises charter school laws
SB 0511 - Gibbons - Revises the Animal Care Facilities Act
SB 0512 - House - Revises Charter School Laws
SB 0513 - House - Regulates contracts for services formerly delivered by public bodies
SB 0514 - Singleton - Requires compliance with federal law in drug labeling
SB 0515 - Yeckel - Modifies requirements for items that are filed with the Recorder of Deeds
SB 0516 - Yeckel - Allows waiver of portion of appeal bonds for certain defendants
SB 0517 - Kinder - Sets aside lapsed funds for possible distribution to taxpayers
SB 0518 - DePasco - Creates State Board of Auctioneers to regulate auctioneers
SB 0519 - Foster - Extends the period in which a wood energy producer can claim a tax credit from 5 years to 10 years
SB 0520 - Foster - Clarifies the highest weight for property-carrying local and beyond local commercial vehicles
SB 0521 - Mathewson - Clarifies duty of workers' compensation insurance carriers
SB 0522 - Johnson - Exempts farm animals which escape from definition of "adequate control" for animal abuse
SB 0523 - Scott - Expands power of sports authority to construct and finance a new major league baseball stadium in St. Louis
SB 0524 - Cauthorn - Creates a sales tax exemption for materials used in the construction of agricultural fencing
SB 0525 - Cauthorn - Requires sellers of fuel blended with at least 1% oxygenate by weight to notify buyers at the pump
SB 0526 - Dougherty - Replaces the inspection section with the Division of Labor Standards
SB 0527 - Dougherty - Creates a nonrefundable tax credit for using alternative fuels
SB 0528 - Dougherty - Does not require the court to make reasonable efforts if a child is abused by a person other than a parent
SB 0529 - Dougherty - Creates the Consumer Clean Energy Act to promote energy efficiency
SB 0530 - Gross - Requires the first health insurance coverage benefits to apply to Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan
SB 0531 - Gross - Changes tax credits for CAPCO investments
SB 0532 - Foster - Creates the Large Animal Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program
SB 0533 - Jacob - Allows for premium reductions, in certain cases, when senior citizens take an auto safety course
SB 0534 - Childers - Allows ambulance and fire protection districts to impose sales tax and subsequent property tax rate decrease
SB 0535 - Rohrbach - Modifies law relating to reinsurers and insolvency proceedings and the investment of insurance company assets
SB 0536 - Schneider - Commission on Judicial Resources shall determine number of judges allocated to any circuit
SB 0537 - Stoll - Sole caretakers of homebound voters may vote absentee
SB 0538 - Yeckel - Allows residential mortgage brokers to post bond instead of providing annual audits
SB 0539 - Yeckel - Limits child custody relocation notice requirement to a move of sixty miles or more
SB 0540 - Klindt - Prohibits Revenue Department from collecting information which can individually identify a person
SB 0541 - Klindt - Creates Tobacco Settlement Trust Fund and Tobacco Moneys Board
SB 0542 - Klindt - Allows buses owned or operated by churches, mosques, and synagogues to have flashing warning signals
SB 0543 - Foster - Revises school district transfers of funds for capital purposes
SB 0544 - Johnson - Authorizes the Missouri Veterans' Commission to grant an easement to Spectra Communications
SB 0545 - Johnson - Authorizes a museum and festivals sales tax in Buchanan County
SB 0546 - Kenney - Reorganizes authority for licensing and regulation of excursion gambling boats and gaming
SB 0547 - Wiggins - Relating to the election of board members of certain school districts
SB 0548 - House - Revises the regulation of unsolicited telephone sales calls
SB 0549 - Goode - Amends various provisions regarding the use of child restraint systems in motor vehicles
SB 0550 - Sims - The state grants consent to be sued under the Americans with Disabilities Act
SB 0551 - Sims - Modifies provisions relating to children and families
SB 0552 - Sims - Outlines procedures for the comanagement of patients by certain physicians
SB 0553 - Klindt - Authorizes Northwest Missouri State to lease property to the City of Maryville and the National Guard
SB 0554 - House - Prohibits the disclosure of medical information unless specific individual authorizes its release
SB 0555 - House - Prohibits non-compete clauses in employment contracts within the broadcast industry
SB 0556 - DePasco - Authorizes microbrewing licenses on excursion gambling boats and premises
SB 0557 - Schneider - Mandates review of state contracts by the Attorney General
SB 0558 - Singleton - Clarifies the use of non-compete clauses in contracts between physicians and hospitals
SB 0559 - Singleton - Requires long term care facilities to return unused medications to pharmacies for reuse and reimbursement
SB 0560 - Caskey - Authorizes permits for concealable weapons
SB 0561 - Quick - Authorizes Clay County Commissioners to reduce their salaries if they employ a public administrator
SB 0562 - Gibbons - Allows a tax credit for county vehicle property taxes paid
SB 0563 - Gibbons - Removes requirement of notarization of tax refund claims
SB 0564 - Rohrbach - Allows amusement ride owners to self-inspect in the absence of an available inspector
SB 0565 - Staples - Prohibits Department of Transportation from contracting with truck stops, gas stations or convenience stores
SB 0566 - Gibbons - Exempts state departments from sales tax for purposes of facilities construction, repair and remodeling
SB 0567 - Gross - Exempts movie tickets from state and local sales taxes
SB 0568 - Mathewson - Authorizes certain property exchanges
SB 0569 - Singleton - Revises licensure procedures for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants
SB 0570 - Singleton - Transfers the licensure of emergency medical technicians to the Board of Registration for the Healing Arts
SB 0571 - Dougherty - Requires distribution of marriage license fees to the Department of Public Safety for domestic violence shelters
SB 0572 - Dougherty - Requires insurers to provide coverage for testing pregnant women for lead; requires testing for lead poisoning
SB 0573 - Dougherty - Compensation and employment benefits for St. Louis City Police
SB 0574 - Dougherty - Authorizes state tax credit for contribution to authorized dropout abatement programs
SB 0575 - Caskey - Revises public school reporting requirements
SB 0576 - Kinder - Authorizes state tax credit for contributions to authorized scholarship charities
SB 0577 - Stoll - Directs refunds of overcharged or overcollected cigarette taxes to consumers
SB 0578 - Goode - Revises the Hospital Federal Reimbursement Allowance Program
SB 0579 - Loudon - Modifies certain provisions of the Second Injury Fund
SB 0580 - Loudon - Modifies some workers' compensation provisions
SB 0581 - Yeckel - Requires disclosure to the Department of Health of the transfer of human fetal parts for research purposes
SB 0582 - Yeckel - Allows counties to give discounts for pre-payment of property taxes
SB 0583 - Yeckel - Modifies lobbyist regulations and campaign finance laws
SB 0584 - Yeckel - Freezes residential property valuation for senior citizens at local option
SB 0585 - Carter - Creates state agency to promote crime victims' rights
SB 0586 - Klindt - Enacts new congressional districts
SB 0587 - Foster - Revises operation of soil and water conservation subdistricts
SB 0588 - Dougherty - Insurance coverage for cancer screenings
SB 0589 - Russell - Allows Economic Development to authorize an enterprise zone in Wright County
SB 0590 - Russell - Licensing of certain construction personnel
SB 0591 - Kenney - Modifies provisions relating to water and sewer services and livestock packers
SB 0592 - Caskey - Establishes District Attorney System
SB 0593 - Klindt - Creates the Interstate Agri-market Development Center at the University of Missouri-Columbia
SB 0594 - Klindt - Modifies state budgeting process
SB 0595 - Westfall - Retired certificated and non-certificated employees may be hired by school districts for 2 yrs. without losing benefits
SB 0596 - Loudon - Establishes the Open Contracting Act for state and local public works projects
SB 0597 - Singleton - Revises the current prescription drug tax credit for the elderly
SB 0598 - Singleton - Prohibits possession of tobacco products by minors
SB 0599 - Singleton - Modifies regulation of horse racing and pari-mutuel wagering
SB 0600 - Singleton - Revises the current prescription drug tax credit for the elderly
SB 0601 - House - Allows certain counties to collect sales tax for childrens services
SB 0602 - Steelman - Expands list of donees for state surplus property
SB 0603 - Jacob - Exempts income of certain elementary and secondary school teachers from taxation
SB 0604 - Jacob - Provides funding for fire safety programs and removes liability for donated fire equipment
SB 0605 - Jacob - Modifies law regarding licensing of surplus lines insurance
SB 0607 - Johnson - Establishes an alternative teacher certification program
SB 0608 - Yeckel - Restricts certain sales of precursors to methamphetamine
SB 0609 - Westfall - Revises protions of the Model Traffic Ordinance chapter
SB 0610 - Westfall - Modifies law relating to county collectors and the county commission of Clay County
SB 0611 - Loudon - Removes funding to other state agencies from highway revenues and transfers motor vehicle sales tax to road fund
SB 0612 - Loudon - Allows the Transportation Commission to construct toll roads
SB 0613 - Gibbons - Allows state surplus property to be distributed to organizations that assist veterans
SB 0614 - Gross - Allows A+ Schools reimbursement for students attending four year institutions
SB 0615 - Foster - Allows school districts to contract with new generation cooperatives for the purchase of biodiesel fuel
SB 0616 - Steelman - Requires school districts to provide phonics instruction
SB 0617 - Steelman - Modifies current tax incentives for community economic development
SB 0618 - Yeckel - Allows abandoned burial sites revert to the cemetery after seventy-five years
SB 0619 - Mathewson - Changes provisions for emergency care service providers; state easement to City of Sedalia
SB 0620 - Gibbons - Allows participation in multistate cooperative agreement for sales & use tax administration
SB 0621 - Gibbons - Shifts burden of proof on tax credit disputes to Dept. of Revenue
SB 0622 - Westfall - Allows Sheriff to seize misappropriated property held by a pawnbroker
SB 0623 - Westfall - Allows 2 sets of specialized plates to be issued to Missouri members of Congress
SB 0624 - Wiggins - Changes the membership of members of the Little Blue District (Jackson Co.) and lowers vote for bond passage
SB 0625 - Stoll - Allows consolidation of sewer districts
SB 0626 - Bentley - Allows three satellite economic development zones in Springfield
SB 0627 - Dougherty - Requires health insurance policies to provide coverage of specific cancer and special condition clinical trials
SB 0628 - Jacob - Allows restraining orders against minors
SB 0629 - Jacob - Allows voters to authorize carrying concealed weapons
SB 0630 - Bland - Establishes planning commission for Kansas City Missouri School District
SCR 001 - Quick /Kinder - Establishes a joint committee to participate in the inauguration of state officials
SCR 002 - Singleton - Dissapproving the recommendation of the Citizen's Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials
SCR 003 - Gross - Requests a special curriculum to recognize the Lewis and Clark Expedition
SCR 004 - Gross - Requests Congress to declare the flag to be federal property
SCR 005 - Klarich - Creates a Child Abuse and Neglect Commission
SCR 006 - Stoll - Establishes April 6th of each year as Tartan Day in Missouri
SCR 007 - Bland - Ratifies the United States Equal Rights Amendment
SCR 008 - Caskey - Recognizes the Northern Cherokee Indian people of Missouri
SCR 009 - Loudon - Requests the Governor to opt out of reformulated gas program for St. Louis
SCR 010 - Staples - Asks Congress to approve the Railroad Retirement and Survivors Improvement Act
SCR 011 - Caskey - Approves Master Settlement Agreement fee payment agreement for tobacco attorneys
SCR 012 - DePasco - Relating to the Missouri Gas Energy rate increase
SCR 013 - Foster - Urges reconsideration of the federal plan to change Missouri River levels
SCR 014 - Mathewson - Authorizes the creation of a joint legislative committee to study the problems of under-insured Missourians
SCR 015 - Yeckel - Asks Congress to declare the November general election day a a national holiday
SCR 016 - Yeckel - Asks Congress to adopt a comprehensive military voting rights act
SCR 017 - Steelman - Relating to Environmental Protection Agency standards for ozone pollution
SCR 018 - Goode - Establishes a joint legislative committee on Telecommunications and Energy
SCR 019 - Sims - Declares Child Citizenship Day
SCR 020 - Kinder - Relating to the trucking industry
SCR 021 - Loudon - Relating to cellular phone service areas
SCR 022 - Rohrbach - Relating to printing the session laws
SCR 023 - DePasco - Relating to steel imports
SCR 024 - Yeckel - Relating to energy policy
SCR 025 - Loudon - Asks Illinois Gen. Assmbly to enact a law requiring parental consent prior to allowing a minor to obtain an abortion
SCR 026 - Stoll - Establishes a joint interim committee to study education- related issues
SCR 027 - Goode - Relating to state employee retirement benefits
SCR 028 - DePasco - Relating to addressing the issue of fuel prices in the state of Missouri
SCR 029 - Steelman - Relating to the Highway patrol Oversight Commission
SCR 030 - Jacob - Relating to authorization for the issuance of bonds for university arena projects
SCR 031 - Rohrbach - Commends the Missouri Forest Products Association's creation of its Sustainable Forestry Program
SCR 032 - Bland - Establishes an Interim Committee on the Kansas City School District
SCR 033 - Westfall - Establishes a Joint Interim Committee to study funding for highways and transportation
SCR 034 - Sims - Establishes a joint interim committee on Housing Alternatives for the Elderly
SJR 001 - Schneider - Revises term limits for members of the General Assembly
SJR 002 - Goode - Exempts fees collected by Natural Resources Department from definition of revenues used to calculate total state revenue
SJR 003 - Goode - Criminal activity forfeiture proceeds shall be divided between schools and law enforcement
SJR 004 - Johnson - Revises term limits to exclude certain partial terms of service in the General Assembly
SJR 005 - Childers - Requires General Assembly to revise state school aid revenues and distribution
SJR 006 - Childers - Establishes an election process for selecting Public Service Commissioners
SJR 007 - Bland - Ratifies the United States Equal Rights Amendment
SJR 008 - Steelman - Presents dual questions regarding tobacco settlement funds
SJR 009 - Goode - Changes procedures for amending the St. Louis City Charter
SJR 010 - Quick - Reduces number of members of House of Representatives to 105
SJR 011 - Yeckel - Allows approval of school bond issues by simple majority
SJR 012 - Singleton - Eliminates the Citizens' Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials (Salary Commission)
SJR 013 - Sims - Establishes Missouri Healthy Families Trust Fund
SJR 014 - Gibbons - Abolishes the Transportation Commission and replaces it with an appointed director in the Missouri Constitution
SJR 015 - Westfall - Amends the Constitution so that 100% of the sales tax on motor vehicles is used for transportation purposes
SJR 016 - Gross - Voters to determine whether tobacco proceeds are included in or excluded from total state revenues
SJR 017 - Schneider - Commission on Judicial Resources shall determine number of judges allocated to any circuit
SJR 018 - Singleton - Revises term limits for elected officials
SJR 019 - Loudon - Amends the Constitution to allow the Commission to develop and operate toll facilities
SJR 020 - Loudon - Eliminates funding to state agencies from highway revenues and places all motor vehicle sales tax in road fund
SJR 021 - Schneider - Raises the retirement age for judges from seventy to seventy five
SR 0001 - DePasco - Proposed Rule Change - Rule 103
SR 0027 - Quick - Notice of Proposed Rule Change - Rules 25 & 28
SR 0058 - Singleton - Limits the number of Courtesy Resolutions that any one member of the General Assembly may offer
SR 0120 - Kinder - Revises rules of the Missouri Senate
SR 0151 - Kinder - Notice of Proposed Rule Change - Rule 25
SR 0187 - Kenney - Notice of Proposed Rule Change - Rule 45
SR 0280 - Steelman - Supports efforts to extend the statute of limiations for lawsuits involving vaccine-related injuries
SR 0345 - Quick - Notice of Proposed Rule Change - Rules 25 & 28
SR 0346 - Kinder - Notice of Proposed Rule Change - Rule 28
SR 0495 - Klarich - Establishes a Senate committee to study the Kansas City School District
SR 0602 - Klindt - Urges Congress to enact a substantial tax package
SR 0616 - Johnson - Relating to National Autism Awareness Month
SRB0606 - Rohrbach - Repeals obsolete and expired sections of law