Senator Howard
Bills Sponsored

HB 1085 - Exempts certain mental health facilities and programs from licensure
HB 1172 - Regulates unsolicited telephone sales calls and electronic mail messages
HB 1591 - Allows a nursing home administrator to retire his or her license
HCR 004 - Establishes a joint interim committee to study an eye disease called macular degeneration
SB 0558 - Revises the composition of the Soil and Water Conservation Commission and modifies district marketing provisions
SB 0559 - Creates the Agribusiness Development Authority
SB 0560 - Permits the Mental Health Commission to employ three persons in addition to the Director
SB 0615 - Requires used automobile dealers to attend an educational seminar annually before receiving their dealer's license
SB 0763 - Regulates unsolicited telephone sales calls
SB 0889 - Allows registered professional nurses who are registered nurse anesthetists to dispense controlled substances
SB 0890 - Provides a one-time tax credit to eligible veterans of World War II
SB 0891 - Raises the dollar amount of resources exempted from consideration when determining Medicaid eligibility
SB 0948 - Requires National Guard to establish pilot public school program to teach military discipline
SB 0949 - Allows psychologists to administer, order, and prescribe medications after obtaining specific tranining
SB 0959 - Modifies the reporting of elder abuse and neglect and the delivery of in-home services for the elderly
SB 0960 - Creates new provisions relating to trespassing
SB 0990 - Allows a private property owner to seek compensation from the government for "regulatory taking"
SB 1056 - Members of political party committees may be replaced for non-attendance
SB 1062 - Revises PSRS and NTRS disability benefits for Social Security purposes
SB 1081 - Modifies employee disqualification provisions and various nursing home violations
SCR 026 - Establishes third Saturday in September as "Children's Day"
SCR 037 - Authorizes the creation of the Missouri-Mississippi River Delta Authority

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