Local Government & Economic Development
Assigned Bills

HB 1077 - (Relford) Repeals authorization to the City of Cameron for planning and zoning in unincorporated areas
HB 1238 - (Hoppe) Numerous changes concerning urban affairs, taxation and economic programs
HB 1242 - (Treadway) Changes various provisions dealing with licensing professions, endowed care cemeteries and personal services
HB 1284 - (Kissell) Fees for ambulance district board members
HB 1305 - (Rizzo) Numerous changes to local government, economic development, cemetery, waste-handling and housing law
HB 1454 - (Hoppe) Redefines an existing sales tax credit for certain food processors
HB 1499 - (Hoppe) Changes law concerning liquor licenses and payment of license fees and laws governing certain licensed resorts
HB 1566 - (Bray) Revises numerous economic development programs
HB 1579 - (Hoppe) Clarifies the procedure for remittance of fees for liquor licenses
HB 1631 - (Hoppe) Pertains to trade practices for the sale of beer and nonintoxicating beer
HB 1659 - (Summers) Authorizes sales and tourism taxes for certain cities and counties
SB 0529 (Schneider) - Requires condemnors who abandon proceedings to pay the land owner's costs and expenses
SB 0540 (Mathewson) - Creates the State Fair Fee Fund
SB 0542 (Mathewson) - Changes the compensation of public administrators
SB 0552 (Flotron) - Revises law governing Missouri Certified Capital Companies and repeals Qualified Research Tax Credits
SB 0609 (Staples) - Increases authorization for county law enforcement sales tax from one-half of one percent to one percent
SB 0619 (Rohrbach) - Revises requirements and bonded indebtedness for Neighborhood Improvement Districts
SB 0624 (Ehlmann) - Changes operational control of the St. Louis International Airport
SB 0637 (Bland) - Authorizes a two-year tax free zone in Kansas City
SB 0653 (Clay) - Transfers control over St. Louis City's police board and election board from the governor to the mayor
SB 0676 (Bland) - Expands scope of documents to be charged a fee
SB 0712 (DePasco) - Changes the current two-year cycle of reassessment to a four-year cycle
SB 0721 (Caskey) - Establishes and revises several programs for disabled persons
SB 0724 (Rohrbach) - Changes several county-level tourism taxes
SB 0733 (Maxwell) - Increases property tax withholdings for collection costs; reduces state aid deduction for school tax
SB 0749 (Rohrbach) - Any proposed county building code shall be submitted only to voters in the area governed by the code
SB 0753 (DePasco) - Kansas City may enact ordinances against dumping and littering
SB 0760 (Klarich) - Makes the St. Louis County auditor an elected official
SB 0787 (Childers) - Establishes an ambulance district fund and revises the current funding mechanism for the fire education fund
SB 0789 (Mathewson) - Authorizes a sales tax to fund Jail Districts
SB 0797 (Ehlmann) - Prohibits political subdivisions from submitting the same question to the voters more than one time per year
SB 0801 (Mathewson) - Revises several tax credit and economic development programs
SB 0802 (Goode) - Revises criteria used to evaluate redevelopment projects funded by tax increment financing
SB 0842 (Flotron) - Numerous provisions relating to public safety
SB 0843 (DePasco) - Allows local governments to eliminate the sales tax on food
SB 0865 (Goode) - Creates the "Community Comeback Act" for eradication of blight and neighborhood revitalization in St. Louis County
SB 0867 (Maxwell) - Various changes to Certified Capital Companies/tax credit programs; landlord registration in K.C. and St. Louis
SB 0868 (Stoll) - Allows Board of Trustees to be responsible for certain county sewer districts
SB 0873 (Flotron) - Provides for administrative review of agency rules which affect small business
SB 0888 (Ehlmann) - Places restrictions on gaming boat licensees
SB 0892 (Quick) - State to pay counties for health care costs of certain state prisoners
SB 0893 (Quick) - Payment of real estate taxes are first to be applied to back taxes; escrow accounts are exempt
SB 0894 (Quick) - Numerous provisions relating to economic development, taxation and land use law
SB 0902 (Mathewson) - Changes certain licensing and enforcement procedures for excursion gambling boats
SB 0904 (Johnson) - Creates the separate office of Recorder of Deeds in third class counties
SB 0924 (Maxwell) - Authorizes Kirksville to impose a sales tax for economic development to fund a transportation corporation
SB 0935 (Caskey) - Establishes assistive technology programs for disabled persons
SB 0940 (Mathewson) - Modifies trade practices for distributors and wholesalers of non-alcoholic beer and intoxicating liquor
SB 0946 (Johnson) - Changes required format and fees for items handled by the Recorder of Deeds
SB 0998 (Flotron) - Authorizes the establishment of Business and Industrial Development Companies
SB 1009 (Bentley) - Protects geographic information systems created by certain cities and counties
SB 1018 (Bentley) - Authorizes Southwest Missouri State University to convey certain property
SB 1021 (Rohrbach) - Requires charitable organizations conducting raffles with prizes over $5,000 per year to be licensed
SB 1023 (Yeckel) - Limits the total amount of tax credits available for qualified investments in Missouri small business
SB 1036 (Johnson) - Authorizes governor and MO Western State College to transfer land to St. Joseph and the Department of Transportation
SB 1037 (Bentley) - Authorizes removal of property from the Springfield Community Improvement District
SB 1048 (Mathewson) - Revises state economic development programs
SB 1050 (House) - Allows specified compensation of members of ambulance district boards
SB 1059 (Westfall) - Authorizes conveyance of a small portion of Nevada State Hospital to the City of Nevada
SB 1074 (Wiggins) - Requires the Department of Economic Development to compile an annual report and analysis of all incentive programs
SJR 044 (Scott) - Amending the Saint Louis City Charter

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