Agriculture, Conservation, Parks & Touris
Assigned Bills

HB 1082 - (Crump) Requires approval by the General Assembly of certain federal land acquisitions through eminent domain or condemnation
HB 1604 - (Graham) Authorizes the conveyance of certain state property
HB 1762 - (Williams (159)) Promotes the marketing of Missouri agricultural products
HB 1811 - (Kreider) Revises various county planning and zoning provisions
HB 1841 - (Kreider) Designates kudzu, cut-leaved teasel and common teasel as noxious weeds
HB 1961 - (Fraser) Prohibits stealing of pets and creates The Missing and Stolen Pet Registry
SB 0558 (Howard) - Revises the composition of the Soil and Water Conservation Commission and modifies district marketing provisions
SB 0559 (Howard) - Creates the Agribusiness Development Authority
SB 0596 (Steelman) - Allows tourism tax for New Madrid, New Madrid Co., Stoddard Co., Bloomfield, Caruthersville and St. James
SB 0634 (Childers) - Requires approval by General Assembly of certain federal land acquisitions
SB 0636 (Bland) - Preserves Walt Disney film studio as historic site
SB 0657 (Childers) - Modifies provisions relating to the hunting or release of wildlife
SB 0674 (Childers) - Classifies llamas as livestock
SB 0694 (Maxwell) - Authorizes state income tax deduction for contributions of qualified commodities to charitable organizations
SB 0705 (Maxwell) - Eliminates fees for inspection of certain measuring devices
SB 0756 (Caskey) - Revises certain fees and provisions of the Animal Care Facilities Act
SB 0779 (Mathewson) - Requiring the wholesaler to repurchase certain parts and equipment when the dealership dissolves
SB 0812 (Westfall) - Limits farm product sales by Soil and Water Conservation Districts
SB 0857 (Maxwell) - Prohibits discrimination in livestock purchasing and creates registration for stockyards
SB 0925 (Caskey) - Creates the Missouri Production Agricultural Advocates Office and the Missouri Multicultural Center and Program
SB 0954 (Bentley) - Creates a grant program for cultural tourism
SB 0960 (Howard) - Creates new provisions relating to trespassing
SB 0982 (Westfall) - Assigns responsibility to The Department of Conservation for damage caused by wild elk
SB 0990 (Howard) - Allows a private property owner to seek compensation from the government for "regulatory taking"

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