SB 0923 Requires specific amounts of training before a person may perform spinal manipulation or adjustment
LR Number:2613S.03I Fiscal Note:2613-03
Committee:Public Health and Welfare
Last Action:03/15/00 - SCS Voted Do Pass S Public Health & Welfare Committee Journal page:
Effective Date:August 28, 2000
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/SB 923 - This act requires specific amounts of training before a person may perform certain chiropractic procedures. No person may perform a spinal manipulation or adjustment unless the person:

- has the legal authority to differentially diagnose; - has received at least 400 hours of classroom training on the subject; and - has received at least 800 hours of clinical training on the subject.

"Spinal manipulation" and "spinal adjustment" are defined as a method of treatment using direct thrust or leverage to move a joint beyond its normal range, but without causing injury. Any person violating this section is guilty of the unlawful practice of chiropractic and will be subject to penalties and disciplinary action. This act does not apply to medical or osteopathic physicians or to chiropractic physicians.