SB 0812 Limits farm product sales by Soil and Water Conservation Districts
LR Number:2757S.01I Fiscal Note:2757-01
Committee:Agriculture, Conservation, Parks & Tourism
Last Action:02/21/00 - Voted Do Passed S Agriculture, Conservation, Parks Journal page:
& Tourism Committee
Effective Date:August 28, 2000
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Current Bill Summary

SB 812 - Soil and Water Conservation District offices are required to publish notices and receive comment prior to sales of any farm products to the general public. The District office must also obtain permission to offer such products for sale from the Water Conservation Districts Commission. The District offices may sell farm products which are:

1.) Not readily available in the area; and 2.) Are reasonably related to soil and water conservation.

This act is intended to prevent competition between the Soil and Water Conservation District offices and private businesses offering farm products for sale.