SB 0625 Revises Outstanding Schools Waivers
LR Number:2765S.01I Fiscal Note:2765-01
Last Action:01/12/00 - Hearing Conducted S Education Committee Journal page:
Effective Date:August 28, 2000
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Current Bill Summary

SB 625 - This act revises the "Outstanding Schools Waivers". The act provides that such waivers shall be granted to any school which certifies that it meets certain criteria specified in the act pertaining to student performance, faculty credentials, school curriculum, at-risk student programs, alternative schools and high school evaluation. The waiver shall remove the pupil testing requirements pursuant to Section 160.257, RSMo, in the school, requirements for accreditation by the State Board of Education and such other rules as determined by the Commissioner of Education. Any waiver provided to a school shall be void on June thirtieth of any school year in which the school fails to meet the criteria established by the act.

This act is similar to SB 301 from 1999.