Missouri State Senate


SCR 19 - This resolution establishes a Joint Interim Committee on a Missouri Health Care Stabilization Fund, with ten members, five from the House and five from the Senate, to encompass the following responsibilities:

1. Exploring the establishment of a Missouri Health Care Stabilization Fund to be administered by a health care stabilization board and housed within the Department of Insurance;

2. Investigating the primary objective of assuring health care providers that there will be reasonable medical malpractice liability coverage available within the state of Missouri;

3. Researching the possibility of requiring health care providers to carry primary medical malpractice coverage with another insurer in order to participate in the fund;

4. Investigating the feasability of the fund paying moneys to an aggrieved party if his or her damages exceed the health care provider's primary level of coverage;

5. Exploring any other ideas as necessary for possible implementation of the fund.

The committee shall expire on December 31, 2005, and on that same date, they shall deliver a report of their findings to the General Assembly.