HB 0841 (Truly Agreed) Prohibits use of glass containers on vessels in navigable waterways
Current Bill Summary
- Prepared by Senate Research -

SCS/HB 841 - This act pertains to containers on watercraft, with a penalty provision.

This act adds language that authorizes any law enforcement officer to administer, prior to arrest, a chemical test to any person suspected of operating a vessel while intoxicated. The test shall be admissible as evidence of probable cause to arrest and as exculpatory evidence, but shall not be admissible as evidence of blood alcohol content.

This act directs any person using the state's waterways by vessel, and transporting food or beverages to:

1. Use a non-glass container for the storing and transporting of beverages;

2. Use a non-glass container sealed in a way that prevents the contents from spilling in the water;

3. Carry and affix to the vessel a container suitable for refuse which can be securely closed;

4. Transport all refuse to a place in which such materials may be safely and lawfully disposed;

5. Shall safely secure any glass container to protect them from breakage or discharge into any stream.

This act identifies any person violating the provisions of the act as guilty of a class C misdemeanor.

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