HB 1403 (Truly Agreed) Regulates amusement rides
Current Bill Summary
- Prepared by Senate Research -

SCS/HCS/HB 1403 - This act makes changes to the laws regarding amusement rides and amusement parks. The act:

(1) Expands the definition of "amusement ride" to include dry slides, bungee cord attractions, and climbing walls over ten feet tall;

(2) Authorizes the Department of Public Safety to conduct spot inspections of amusement rides without notice whenever the ride is operating and provides for suspension when unsafe conditions are disclosed and reinstatement upon correction and reinspection;

(3) Changes the allocation of collected inspection fees from the General Revenue Fund to the Elevator Safety Fund;

(4) Makes it a class B misdemeanor to knowingly make false statements or representations in documents required in the laws governing amusement rides; and

The act becomes effective on January 1, 2005.

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