HB 1193 (Truly Agreed) Revises procedures and requirements for notaries public
Current Bill Summary
- Prepared by Senate Research -

SCS/HS/HB 1193 - This act changes the laws regarding notaries public. In its main provisions, the act:

(1) Removes the requirement that applicants provide their Social Security number on the application;

(2) Requires applicants to list misdemeanor violations on the application;

(3) Requires applicants to complete computer-based or other notary training prior to submitting an application;

(4) Details the information that notaries must record in their required journals;

(5) Provides that effective August 28, 2004, the Secretary of State will issue a commission number for all new and renewal notary appointments. The commission number must be included on every notary certificate;

(6) Requires that a request for an amended commission must be made within 30 days of the change necessitating the amendment;

(7) Allows notaries to charge a travel fee separate from the notarial fee and a fee of up to $25 for expedited convenience service;

(8) Requires notaries to notify the Secretary of State immediately if their notary seal is stolen; and

(9) Clarifies the powers of the Secretary of State to administer the notary public laws.

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