SB 0935 Establishes assistive technology programs for disabled persons
LR Number:3796S.01I Fiscal Note:3796-01
Committee:Local Government and Economic Development
Last Action:02/22/00 - Voted Do Pass S Local Government & Economic Journal page:
Development Committee
Effective Date:August 28, 2000
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Current Bill Summary

SB 935 - The act requires the Missouri Assistive Technology Council to establish an Assistive Technology Loan Program.

The Council shall spend available moneys in four equal shares each quarter to ensure that the loan program will provide loans throughout the entire fiscal year. The act creates the "Assistive Technology Loan Revolving Fund", which shall be used to fund the Assistive Technology Loan Program.

The interest rates for loans shall be lower than comparable commercial lending rates and shall be established by the Council based on the borrower's ability to pay. Loans may be made with no interest. Loan repayment periods shall not exceed ten years.

The Council shall promulgate rules to implement the program and file annual reports with the Governor and General Assembly.

The Council shall also establish a Home Access Grant Program to provide financial assistance to persons with disabilities. The Council shall adopt rules to implement the Home Access Grant Program. The "Home Access Grant Fund" is created and shall be used to fund the Home Access Grant Program.

Grants may be made for:

(1) Structural access modifications to a home; and

(2) Assistive technology devices and services which will assist one or more persons with disabilities to live more independently in their home.

The provisions of this bill were combined into HCS/SCS/SB 721 (TAT).