Sen. Bob Onder Files Legislation to Require Paper Ballots

JEFFERSON CITY – State Sen. Bob Onder, R-Lake St. Louis, has filed legislation to require paper ballots to be used in Missouri elections. The legislation is in response to election irregularities Sen. Onder says occurred in many states during the 2020 presidential election.

“2020 saw some of the worst violations of election integrity in our history,” Sen. Onder said.  “I believe it is abundantly clear that judicial and executive branch officials in four swing states violated the constitutional standards for presidential elections.”

Senator Onder’s bill would prohibit the exclusive use of electronic vote tabulation in Missouri, and require that every citizen’s vote is recorded on a paper ballot, which can be verified in the event of discrepancies.

“After 2020, we in Missouri need to ensure we do everything in our power to bolster the integrity of our electoral system,” Sen. Onder said. “The bill I introduce today is one of many reforms that are needed to ensure election integrity and restore citizens’ confidence in the legitimacy and fairness of our elections.”

Senator Onder serves portions of St. Charles County and the residents of Missouri’s 2nd Senatorial District. For more information about Sen. Onder, visit his webpage at