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Senate Committees:

61st General Assembly – Penal Institutions and Reform Schools; Commerce and Manufactories; County Courts, Justus of the Peace and Township Organization; Education; Fish and Game; Normal Schools, Teachers Colleges and Libraries; Bills Agreed To and Finally Passed.

62nd General Assembly – Social Security and Pensions (chairman); Judiciary, Ways and Means, Elections, Redistricting and Constitutional Amendments, etc.; Fees and Salaries; Wills and Probate Law; Roads and Highways, and Rules and Joint Rules.

George H. Miller served the people of the 15th District (Benton, Hickory, Pettis and Saline counties). Born in Polk County, he received his education from Urbana and Bolivar high schools; Southwest Baptist College; and Southwest Missouri State Teachers College. Senator Miller taught in the public schools of Hickory and Polk counties for six years. He was an attorney and practiced law in Sedalia. Senator Miller served two terms as prosecuting attorney of Hickory County from 1937-1940. He was elected to the Senate in 1940, and served as Republican Floor Leader during the 62nd General Assembly. (Republican)

Official Manual of the State of Missouri: 1943-1944