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Every Day Numbers for the 14th District


Division of Child Support Enforcement

(314) 264-7700

Jewish Family and Children's Services
(314) 993-1000

NAACP - St. Louis County Branch
(314) 389-1552

St. Louis County Human Services
(314) 615-4453

Youth Emergency Services
(314) 727-6294


Consumer Credit Counseling Services

(314) 647-9004

Credit Reports


Missouri Consumer Protection Hotline

Missouri Dept. of Insurance Consumer Information


The Women's Safe House
(314) 772-4535

Youth Emergency Service Hotline

(314) 727-6294

St. Louis Housing Resource Center
(Homeless Hotline)
(314) 802-5444

Life Crisis Services, Inc. (for Adults)
(314) 647-4357

Elderly Abuse Hotline

Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline

Alcohol Drug Interventions & Drug Treatment Referrals

Trevor Lifeline
(For at-risk LGBT youth: 24-Hours)


Alzheimer's Association


Birth & Death Records
(314) 615-1720


Missouri School for the Blind

(314) 776-4320

Paraquad, Inc.
(314) 289-4200


Beyond Housing

(314) 533-0600

Housing Authority -
St. Louis County

(314) 428-3200

Home Improvement Grants (North County)
(314) 615-8232


Abortion Alternatives

(314) 962-5300

Planned Parenthood & Reproductive Health Services of St. Louis
(314) 531-7526


Missouri Rx Program


Long-Term Care Information - Ombudsman
(314) 918-8222

Older Adult Community Action Program
(314) 993-5181

Legal Services of Eastern Missouri (Elderly Law Unit)
(314) 534-4200


State Capitol Tours

(573) 751-2854



(314) 652-3617


American Red Cross Blood Services

(314) 658-2000

Missouri Veterans Commission
(573) 751-3779

St. Louis County Office of Veterans' Services
(314) 552-9890


Big Brothers
Big Sisters

(314) 361-5900

Foster Grandparents
(314) 961-8000
ext. 370


Feb. 25, 2016

Friends & Neighbors,

If you would like to learn more about the issues addressed in this newsletter or would like to discuss any matter involving state government, please contact my Capitol office.

For a full list of my legislation, click here.


Maria Chappelle-Nadal
14th District
(573) 751-4106

Town Halls Scheduled for March

I have had a lot of positive feedback on the town halls we hosted last fall.  I thoroughly believe we are moving the needle on this and encourage you to bring a friend to one of the upcoming town halls.  At a recent meeting on Coldwater Creek, it was revealed the Army Corps of Engineers is not testing the former locations of the creek before development in the area and its straightening. This could leave behind potentially dangerous material that could resurface sometime in the future with another torrential rain.

Many people have come out to share their stories of where they grew up, like in Robertson, near Northwoods, Maplewood and Ballwin, where we have heard stories of illegal dumping.  We are seeing the effects in cancer clusters and rare autoimmune diseases.  I encourage you to come and tell your stories.

Bill Heard for Exemption of Marijuana from Forfeiture

This week, the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence heard Senate Bill 761.  This bill, which I am sponsoring, would exempt marijuana from Missouri law on drug seizures for any amount or reason.  Too many people are effectively harassed by Missouri law for minor possession of marijuana.  While I am hopeful that we will follow so many other states by making it safe and legal for personal and medical use, this is a first step in giving law enforcement officers the ability to not pursue possession in many cases.  This bill does not legalize marijuana, but it does take state law enforcement’s ability to confiscate marijuana and other possessions away. 

Inappropriate Attacks on Women’s Health

This past Tuesday was one of Planned Parenthood’s lobby days.  I, for one, was happy to see so much support for women in the Capitol.  Even though we may not debate attacks on women every day, it sure feels like it.  Somebody somewhere is saying they’re going to do this and that.  Right now, we are on the lookout for Senate Bill 644.  This continuation of what many consider a witch hunt is based on false film edited to enrage people.  It’s all lies, and a waste of your taxes.  Those who are against a woman’s right to choose and in favor of government oversight of our bodies will do anything to get their way.  It is always nice to have a visit from friends when dealing with such divisive issues.  I look forward to seeing them again on March 30, if not before. 

Next week, on Tuesday, March 1, at 1 p.m., in the Senate Lounge, the Committee on Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence will hold a public hearing on Senate Bill 671, legislation I've filed to address racial profiling in policing, an urgent issue within our area and others in Missouri. I encourage anyone who would like to testify on this critical measure to contact my office. It's important we put a human face to this despicable practice. I urge you to attend.

On Saturday, I was honored to hold the quarterly meeting of the mayors and chairmen located in the 14th Senate District. The purpose of these meetings is to give all participants an opportunity to speak with their state senator and let me know as a representative of their community if they have any issues within their municipality, as well as if they need assistance on addressing pertinent issues that have been brought to their attention. As usual, it was a productive and informative meeting. I want to thank everyone who attended.

Also on Saturday, I was at the the Julia Davis Library, which hosted St. Louis native and storyteller Angela DaSilva for “Lila: The Life of a Missouri Slave.” The performance spoke to slavery in Missouri during the Civil War Era.  The performance was followed with a discussion with members of the audience.  It was a wonderful and educational event.

Body-Camera Update by Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal - Clayton-Richmond Heights Patch (Feb. 19, 2016)

Hundreds rally in St. Louis to support convicted NYPD officer - St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Feb. 20, 2016)

House committee hears bills on body camera footage, pilot police grant - Columbia Missourian (Feb. 22, 2016)

Former Senator Mary Bland of Kansas City Dies - Associated Press/Springfield News-Leader (Feb. 23, 2016)

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“Hi Senator Chappelle-Nadal, thanks for the newsletter and thanks for your work on SB712 to strengthen the A+ tutoring option for deserving kids.  Getting them started early in Missouri colleges will also help in the Bright-Flight problem, a program that is apparently being questioned in the House.” Best always…Terry

“Maria darling, oh how this is very informative newsletter! I had NO IDEA that one’s home, car, and other possessions can be seized because of marijuana! That’s RIDICULOUS! I’m going to inform my legislators of that and I hope you push this message and principle WHEN- not if - you reach Congress. Hugs and keep up the good work!” Nathan

“Hi Maria, thank you for all the interesting emails and your hard work.” My best wishes, Karen

“thank you, thank you, thank you for your energy & efforts on behalf of public libraries!! Your personal commitment to libraries is refreshing and know that we appreciate your efforts! Keep rockin, just keep rockin!”

“Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal, thanks again for your support against RTW in Missouri” Phillip

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