Legislative Column for the Week of Jan. 26, 2015
Bravery Comes in All Sizes

This week, I met with Maya Rideout and her mother, Reggi. When Maya was born, she was 13 weeks premature, weighing less than two pounds. After nine long weeks in the hospital, and many treatments to aid her underdeveloped little body, Maya was finally able to go home with her mom and dad, although she would still be on oxygen for many weeks.

Today, at eight years old, Maya is a healthy, happy, normal girl. She is bringing attention to her story as an ambassador for the March of Dimes because she and her family credit the organization for their research efforts to improve her life, and the lives of babies everywhere.

Through the March of Dimes program, now spanning over 77 years and countless medical milestones, more premature babies grow up to lead normal, healthy lives than ever before.

Maya is an adorable, outgoing little girl with a sparkle in her eyes and lots of personality. She was made a page for the day in the Senate chamber on Wednesday, and brought her story (along with some amazing cupcakes) to the Legislature to raise awareness and encourage donations to the March of Dimes program.

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