For Immediate Release:
July 27, 2015

Contact: Kack Haslag
(573) 751-2853

Senate Committee Begins Investigation
into Planned Parenthood

JEFFERSON CITY - The Senate Interim Committee on the Sanctity of Life today began its investigation into Planned Parenthood, its leadership, its employees and their actions. Senator Eric Schmitt (R-Glendale), a member of the committee said he is determined to uncover the facts about whether Planned Parenthood has violated state law.

“This committee has an important purpose - to determine whether Planned Parenthood has broken any laws in Missouri, and the extent to which those criminal acts have harmed unborn children,” Schmitt said. “The sale of fetal body parts by Planned Parenthood is truly degrading to human life and cannot be permitted to continue.”

The Senate Interim Committee met today to begin investigating Planned Parenthood’s actions in the state. The investigation will include an in depth look at Planned Parenthood’s business practices, including its potential sale of fetal body parts, and the organization’s use of state funds.


Go To: to see Sen. Schmitt’s opening comments.