Legislative Column for the Week of Jan. 23, 2015

JEFFERSON CITY — The legislative process is in full swing. This week, I was able to introduce several bills on the Senate floor. My sponsored legislation touches on a variety of topics affecting our everyday lives.

Senate Bill 278 tightens the law on junk titles and establishes a means for drivers to purchase a permanent (nontransferable) trailer license so they don’t have to re-register the trailer every few years. There is a higher fee initially, but overall the consumers will save money, time and the inconvenience of having to re-register the trailer annually or every three years. Current statute only allows trailers that attach using a fifth wheel or kingpin assembly to qualify for permanent registration.

Senate Bill 278 also brings consistency to state law with regards to junk titles on vehicles. This measure is in response to a Missouri court ruling stating vehicles that are classified as junk in other states do not have to hold that same registration in Missouri.

This means unscrupulous sellers can, and are, reselling junk title vehicles in Missouri without the actual junk title. This legislation would make it so Missouri has junk title reciprocity with all other states so unscrupulous sellers cannot ‘wash’ a junk title off a car from another state and sell it here. This unethical business practice should also be illegal (and was for many years prior to the court ruling) so that Missouri consumers are not tricked into buying a vehicle that has been designated as junk by other states.

I sponsored similar legislation in the House last year and I am looking forward to rectifying this problem now.

I am excited to work on Senate Bill 278, and my other sponsored legislation, through committee and then back to the Senate floor for debate. There is much to be done this session, and I am confident that much can, and will, be accomplished.

Thank you for reading this weekly column. You can contact my office at (573) 751-3678 if you have any questions. For more information on senate bills, please visit www.senate.mo.gov.