For Immediate Release:
June 23, 2015
Contact: Matt Michelson
(573) 751-2272

Eating Disorders Bill Signed into Law

JEFFERSON CITY — Missourians suffering from eating disorders now have greater access to insurance coverage for diagnosis and treatment. A bill sponsored by State Sen. David Pearce, R-Warrensburg, signed by the governor on Friday, June 19.

Senate Bill 145 identifies standards of care treatment guidelines for eating disorders which are currently included under the Missouri Mental Health Parity. This legislation would help hundreds of Missourians fighting the most serious, and complex of all mental illnesses. Working together with advocates and insurance industry representatives, a bill was developed that will provide much-needed, lifesaving care throughout the state.

 “All insured Missourians deserve the right to medical treatment, no matter the affliction. Eating disorders are killing citizens of this great state every day,” Sen. Pearce said. “I am pleased to see this bill signed into law. No longer will we have to stand by and watch others suffer. There is now a much clearer path to medical intervention.”

Eating disorders are highly treatable diseases, but treatment has been extremely difficult to get in Missouri. These serious conditions are the most fatal of all mental illnesses with a 20 percent fatality rate. Nearly 90 percent of those affected with eating disorders are females between the ages of 13-28.

This legislation bill will become a law on Aug. 28.