For Immediate Release:
Feb. 20, 2015
Contact: Matt Michelson
(573) 751-2272
Senator David Pearce Talks with Elementary Students in the Riverview Gardens School District

JEFFERSON CITY — Senator David Pearce, R-Warrensburg, recently met with Koch Elementary School students and staff while visiting St. Louis schools in the area. Joined by DESE Area Supervisor Dr. Maureen Clancy-May, Sen. Pearce toured several classrooms and had the opportunity to discuss with students his duties, love for reading, term limits and the interesting people who visit him at the Capitol in Jefferson City.


Ms. Wise's fourth grade class welcomed the group during a math session which used the sections in Hershey bars to explain fractions. "I loved fractions when I was in school," noted Sen. Pearce who was then gifted a Hershey bar by the students. "Do you like your job?" one student asked. "Do you work hard?" inquired another.


Senator David Pearce, who represents Warrensburg and now chairs the education committee, shared with students what it is like to be a senator and how he enjoys meeting interesting people from all over the state. The Senator explained that while he represents people who live on the other side of Missouri, he felt welcomed in St. Louis and likes the Cardinals – even though he cheers for the Royals a little more.


In addition to visiting classrooms, Sen. Pearce and Dr. May also spent time in the Koch School Pantry which was created shortly after families lost access to some of the stores in the area. Howard Fields, III, principal of Koch Elementary, and superintendent Dr. Scott Spurgeon, also shared attendance goals, best practices and explained why literacy is the district's leverage.

"Will you come work for our school after your time runs out?" asked a fourth grader after a short explanation by the senator of his experience and upcoming term limit. With regret, the senator explained he did not have the necessary degrees, his response immediately met with a chorus of sighs. "No worries," answered Fields calming the class, "we will make sure he has a substitute teacher packet when he leaves."


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