For Immediate Release: June 24, 2014

Senator David Pearce Promises Continued Work for Student Transfers

JEFFERSON CITY — Legislation sponsored by Sen. David Pearce, R-Warrensburg, to help repair the issue of student transfers in Missouri, was vetoed by the governor today (6/24), effectively voiding almost a year’s worth of work accomplished by lawmakers.

“Legislators are charged with protecting education across this state, yet when we work this diligently on behalf of our state’s students, our efforts are cut short when the governor chooses to veto the legislation,” Sen. Pearce said. “I am disappointed that the bi-partisan compromise worked out within the General Assembly was not approved by our governor.”

Senate Bill 493 would have provided a better structure for students living in unaccredited school districts to transfer to nearby accredited districts, as well as developed a tuition calculation that was more acceptable to both sending and receiving districts.

With at least three unaccredited districts in the state, and many others provisionally accredited, this topic has been in the spotlight for many months.

“I can’t help but feel frustrated with this veto roadblock,” Sen. Pearce said. “However, I am certain that this subject will not go away, nor will my colleagues and I sit back and wait. When the General Assembly convenes for our annual veto session on Sept. 10, a decision whether to override the governor’s veto will be made.”

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