For Immediate Release: July 2, 2014

Senate Bill 639 Signed Into Law

Jefferson City – The governor this week signed Senate Bill 639 into law. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Dan Brown, is designed to assist women to make informed choices about their medical treatment based on the density of their breast tissue.

Mammograms can detect tiny deposits of calcium that can sometimes indicate the presence of breast cancer. If a woman has dense breast tissue, however, the tissue appears as a black mass on the mammogram, making it difficult to see small tumors that may be present while also placing that woman at higher risk for cancer.

Senate Bill 639 mandates facilities to provide information informing patients that they have dense breast tissue that could hide abnormalities. It also requires that patients be informed that they may benefit from supplemental screening that can be suggested by the ordering physician.

“Breast cancer has touched many families, including my own,” Sen. Brown said. “We must give women every opportunity to defend themselves from this potentially deadly disease.”

The legislation will take effect on Aug. 28 of this year.


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