For Immediate Release: Feb. 26, 2014

Senator Brown Introduces the

"Timely Justice Act"

Jefferson City – Stories involving the kidnapping, abduction and murder of children are, unfortunately, daily headlines in today’s news. Most recently, the story of Hailey Owens has touched the hearts of many Americans. The suspect in this case, Craig Michael Wood, has pleaded ‘not guilty,’ even though little Hailey’s body was found in Wood’s home, shot with a .22 caliber rifle in the back of the head, and discarded in a plastic tub like common trash.

Many perpetrators in crimes of this type are sentenced to death, yet sit on death row for decades before justice is served, often many years longer than their victim was allowed to live on this planet.

Senator Dan Brown today introduced legislation which seeks to streamline the process by which a condemned killer is brought to final justice. This bill, also known as the “Timely Justice Act,” will not interfere with the due process of the court, the appeals process, or other legal routes that may arise. It simply makes the process timelier requiring penalties to be served more expeditiously. The bill applies specifically to kidnappers who take the life of their victim.

“I have been a veterinarian, a state representative, and now a state senator, but the title I hold most dear is that of dad and pa paw,” Sen. Brown said. “This act may not bring justice for little Hailey, but hopefully will serve as a warning to those who might commit such heinous crimes that we will not stand by while they rack up decades in prison.”

The language in Sen. Brown’s bill is similar to the “Timely Justice Act” passed in Florida last year.

“It’s not for me to decide the guilt or innocence of these criminals,” Sen. Brown said, “but if those who commit these heinous act are tried, convicted and sentenced to die, this bill would help serve justice in a timely manner.”

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