For Immediate Release:
Oct. 25, 2013

Contact: Matt Michelson
(573) 751 - 2272
Senator David Pearce Supports Governor's Education Plans

JEFFERSON CITY — This week, Sen. David Pearce, R-Warrensburg, is looking forward to future fiscal planning for both public K-12 and higher education in Missouri, as the governor has stated that he would like to see all levels of education in this state fully funded by the time he leaves office in January 2017.

“After hearing the governor’s plans for full funding of all levels of education, I can’t help but look ahead,” Sen. Pearce said. “There is no doubt that investing in education today is the best way to invest in Missouri’s future.”

Currently, K-12 public education is funded through a foundation formula instituted by legislation in 2005. The formula is mostly based on the number of students attending a school. However, because of budget hardships, the General Assembly and the governor have not been able to meet full funding potential of the foundation formula.

The Legislature has also had difficulties providing full funding for higher education institutions in recent years. The fiscal squeeze that has affected every state department has not missed colleges or universities. Senator Pearce has made strides in this area by addressing the topic of performance-based funding, a subject brought up by the governor in his recent addresses to higher education leaders in Jefferson City. More than 30 states have already adopted some forms of performance-based funding. The General Assembly will continue to look at research on this possibility.

Lawmakers have passed legislation in recent sessions designed to allow students to move through college more quickly, thereby reducing student debt and lowering the chances of dropping out. House Bill 1042, passed in 2012, requires the Coordinating Board of Higher Education to develop a library of lower division core courses transferable among all Missouri public higher education schools, and create a policy that would foster a reverse transfer program. Senate Bill 381 passed this year and creates innovation campuses, forming partnerships between local high schools, colleges, and businesses to streamline educational opportunities in order for participating students to enter the work force sooner. This is already in place at University of Central Missouri in conjunction with Metropolitan Community Colleges and local school districts.

“As both the chairman of the Senate Committee on Education and vice chairman of the Joint Committee on Education, I am very thankful for the governor’s interest in providing significant funding for all levels of education in Missouri,” Sen. Pearce said. “I am excited to look beyond the fiscal difficulties of the last few years and focus on education as the promise of a bright future for Missouri and our students, as they make their way through the educational path to solid employment opportunities and take their place in the competitive global market.”

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