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Seeking Leaner, Smarter Government

Several deadlines punctuate each session, serving as mile markers in the legislative process. Last week, Thursday, February 28, was the effective date for Senate bills to be filed. There was a predictable last-minute burst of activity before the gates closed. In the final tally, there have been 484 bills and 24 proposed constitutional amendments filed in the Senate. Nearly 400 of those bills have already been referred to Senate committees for review. In contrast, 763 bills have been filed in the House, where filing won't close until April 1, and the numbers will likely continue to rise. With bill filing finished, the emphasis will shift even more to committee work and floor debate.

Seeking Leaner, Smarter Government


A sense of fiscal responsibility should make us actively pursue a leaner, smarter government. I've sought to advance this objective on several fronts. Last year, I accomplished passage of legislation to curb red tape (SB 469). This year, I've sponsored SB 20, which can ease pressure on future state budgets by encouraging local investment in local organizations, rather than expanding current state programs. Other legislation (Senates Bills 21, 22, 44 and 45) would make sure the judicial branch has greater flexibility to manage its resources efficiently, providing access to justice effectively. I've also filed bills to update or remove obsolete or outdated statutes (Senate Bills 65, 66 and 67). Finally, among the bills I have sponsored this session are two economic growth initiatives to streamline government and remove unnecessary bureaucracy (Senate Bills 323 and 416).  

Missouri Works

Ultimately, efforts to enact sensible, broad-based tax code reform or regulatory reform will yield the best results in the long run. At the same time, we can take real steps forward in the here and now to make government leaner and more efficient. SB 323 implements Missouri Works, consolidating four existing business development programs with a single, streamlined program. It provides flexibility, simplicity of use, and broad applicability, as well as ensuring accountability and budget certainty.


Combined with other legislative efforts, we can position the entire state of Missouri as an excellent place to start, expand or relocate a business. Already recognized as a model for economic growth, our area provides examples where incentives to encourage economic investment and job growth have worked well. Greene County has been named in the top five nationwide for economic strength. In the last few years, Springfield itself has ranked third among American cities for job growth. Companies continue to relocate or choose to expand in our area, also citing the quality labor force and low cost of doing business as reasons.


Permit Streamlining

While a quality labor force depends on our investment in education, the cost of doing business often depends on regulatory or tax policy. Businesses and entrepreneurs hesitate to invest or expand when unpredictable regulatory or tax policies create too much uncertainty. Regulatory permitting is one area where a complex, expensive and time-consuming process can create unnecessary barriers. SB 416 makes it easier to start, expand or operate a business by streamlining the process to obtain permits from the Department of Natural Resources. At the same time, it makes a leaner government by eliminating ten boards or commissions.


As the Senate moves forward, I will keep you updated on the progress of all these initiatives, and I hope to be able to provide you with good news.  Remember, always feel free to share your thoughts on the bills I've mentioned here or anything else in which you might be interested.  I can be contacted in Jefferson City at (573) 751-2583. You can write me at the address listed below, e-mail me at bob.dixon@senate.mo.gov, or visit me on the web at www.senate.mo.gov/dixon. I look forward to hearing from you.