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May 6, 2013

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Senator Nasheed Commends Governor for Releasing Math and Science  Tutoring Funding

JEFFERSON CITY — The governor of Missouri recently released $300,000 in the 2013 state budget to fund a program promoted by Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, D-St. Louis, to improve students’ comprehension of math and science. Sen. Nasheed has recommended funding for the program for the past four years but the governor has continually withheld the money, only releasing it late in the year for FY 2013.

“I commend the governor for recognizing the importance of this program and releasing state funding to create this tutoring center,” Sen. Nasheed said. “We want our young people to have every opportunity to fulfill their dreams and succeed in life, but the options are limited for students who lack basic math and science skills. Improving education has been a priority for me during my service in the House and Senate.”

Sen. Nasheed is sponsoring Senate Bill 426 which establishes the Math and Science Tutoring Act. The act creates a pilot program for students attending St. Louis City public schools if the school’s average assessment scores are below 50 percent proficient in math and science. The Mathematics and Science Tutoring Center would be staffed by master teachers who would train volunteers to offer free help to students who underperform in math and science. The center would also provide transportation for the participating student’s return trip after a tutoring session.

“Unfortunately, many schools today are not doing enough to help students reach their full potential,” Sen. Nasheed said. “This tutoring program will help students struggling in math and science who attend schools deficient in those areas. In our technological, information-driven society, students who lack basic math and science skills are unable to compete for jobs. I thank the governor for recognizing this problem and designating the resources needed to address it.”

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