For Immediate Release:
Jan. 17, 2013

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Senator Jamilah Nasheed Files Measure to Restore Elected School Board

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, D-St. Louis, today (1-17) brought forth Senate Bill 173, which will assist metropolitan school districts and their boards when transitioning from unaccredited status. 

“School districts that are facing challenges and putting in the effort to have their accreditation reinstated deserve the right to take on the responsibility of those actions,” said Sen. Nasheed. “This bill will allow for a streamlined process to provide that ability.”

Current law allows a special administrative board to be put in place in the event of the St. Louis School District losing accreditation and remain in place until reauthorized by the State Board of Education. Senate Bill 173 will allow the elected school board to reassume office after holding provisionally accredited status for one full year.

This bill also requires the creation of a transition committee consisting of members of the temporary state governance committee and the elected school board to serve between the end of the full year of provisional accreditation and the next July 1, the official date of the return of the local elected board.

“Keeping local school districts in the hands of local administrators with ties to the community helps these schools stay connected to the students and the community,” said Sen. Nasheed. “Allowing this transition period between boards will help the local administration regain tactics that will keep the school district running smoothly and provide for an effective change.”

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