“Highlights with Hegeman” for the Week of Feb. 14: Celebrating Great Northwest Day

It is always a thrill to reach the end of January and see so many of our wonderful friends and neighbors come to Jefferson City for Great Northwest Day. People from all across the 12th Senatorial District make the long trip to the Capitol to meet with legislative leaders and celebrate the great northwest part of our state.

During this year’s Great Northwest Day, I had the chance to meet with leaders from the different counties, cities and higher education institutions about their needs and priorities for this legislative session. Great Northwest Day has been around for more than 20 years and gives the members of the Missouri General Assembly the opportunity to visit with local leaders and see some of the great things our part of the state has to offer.

Every year, there tends to be a few issues that are mentioned more often than others, and this year was no different. Economic development, rural broadband and local infrastructure were all topics of discussion among the many visitors to our Capitol. Fortunately, we have been able to make great strides on all of these important issues, but still have plenty of work left to do.

My fellow legislators always speak highly of those who come to Great Northwest Day. In fact, over the years, some have started to host the same style of gathering and bring in people from their part of the state to let their voices be heard at the Capitol. Great Northwest Day gives people from all over Missouri the chance to see what life is like in our community and meet the incredible people who call it home.

For me, Great Northwest Day is one of the marquee events of the legislative session. Many lawmakers look forward to this event every year, just like I do. This event gives our region the ability to join together, showcase our area and highlight the great things going on in our individual communities. I would like to thank everybody would made the trip this year, and worked hard to showcase our part of the Show-Me State.

As always, please feel free to call, email or write with your ideas or concerns. My Capitol office number is (573) 751-1415, my email is dan.hegeman@senate.mo.gov and my mailing address is Room 332, State Capitol Building, Jefferson City, MO 65101.