Audio: Sen. Karla Eslinger’s Podcast for the Week of March 22

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Karla Eslinger, R-Wasola, discusses several measures heard either in committee or discussed on the floor of the Missouri Senate this week.


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  1. Senator Eslinger says Senate Joint Resolution 15 would modify provisions relating to the right to bear arms.
    Eslinger-1-032521  (:23)  Q: through this resolution.
  2. Senator Eslinger adds Senate Bill 494 would modify provisions relating to the placement of veteran designations on driver’s licenses and identification cards.
    Eslinger-2-032521  (:23)  Q: us to do.
  3. Senator Eslinger also says Senate Bill 582 would modify provisions relating to wages paid by sheltered workshops.
    Eslinger-3-032521  (:28)  Q: be financially sustainable.
  4. Senator Eslinger says Senate Bill 584 would modify provisions related to advanced practice registered nurses.
    Eslinger-4-032521  (:28)  Q: available to all.