Audio: Sen. Karla Eslinger’s Podcast for the Week of April 19

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Karla Eslinger, R-Wasola, discusses several things happening in the 33rd Senatorial District this week, as well as some visitors to her Capitol office.


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Eslinger-Podcast-042121  (3:58)  Q: to see you.

  1. Senator Eslinger says a federal grant will help build a new railroad overpass.
    Eslinger-1-042121  (:30  Q: enhance our community.
  2. Senator Eslinger adds Doniphan recently received three separate grants.
    Eslinger-2-042121  (:27)  Q: taken care of.
  3. Senator Eslinger also congratulates Ozark County’s Substance Abuse Task Force.
    Eslinger-3-042121  (:26)  Q: in the future.
  4. Senator Eslinger says she enjoys when students visit her Capitol office.
    Eslinger-4-042121  (:30)  Q: to see you.