Audio: Sen. Denny Hoskins Discusses SB 51 and Budget

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Denny Hoskins, R-Warrensburg, discusses Senate Bill 51, which would address COVID liability. Missouri senators gave this measure preliminary approval this week. Senator Hoskins also talks about the first work on the proposed operating budget for Missouri’s Fiscal Year 2022.


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Hoskins-Podcast-020421  (2:54)  Q: this fiscal year.

  1. Senator Hoskins says Senate Bill 51, which would address COVID liability.
    Hoskins-1-020421  (:30)  Q: costly legal battles.
  2. Senator Hoskins adds there are also misconceptions about what SB 51 would do.
    Hoskins-2-020421  (:31)  Q:limit their liability.
  3. Senator Hoskins also says the Missouri Senate Appropriations Committee is now looking at the governor’s budget recommendations for Fiscal Year 2022.
    Hoskins-3-020421  (:31)  Q: this fiscal year.