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Senate Committees:

69th General Assembly – Education (chairman); Insurance; Local Government; State Departments; Aviation, and Water Resources; Conservation, Parks and Forestry; Mental Health; and Railroads and Private Corporations.

70th General Assembly – Local Governments (chairman); Aviation, Water, Industrial and Natural Resources; Bills Agreed To and Finally Passed; Mental Health; Public Health and Welfare; State Departments; and Ways and Means.

William Kelso Journey served the people of the 31st District (Bates, Cass, Henry, Johnson, St. Clair and Vernon counties). Born in Calhoun, he received his education from Johnson County public schools; Central Missouri State College; University of Colorado in Boulder; and graduated from the University of Missouri School of Law with a Bachelor of Laws degree. During World War II, Senator Journey served in the U.S. Navy as a personnel officer, night and flying fighter director, and contract termination negotiating and finance officer from 1942-1946. He then served as a Lt. Commander in NRA, VA-882 in the Naval Air Station in Olathe, Kansas. In 1940, he began to practice law in Clinton, where he resided and farmed. Senator Journey was elected and served as prosecuting attorney of Henry County for 10 years. In 1954, he was elected to the House of Representatives. In 1956, Senator Journey was elected to the Senate. (Democrat)

Official Manual of the State of Missouri 1959-1960