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Senate Committees:

75th General Assembly – Mental Health (chairman); Insurance (vice chairman); Appropriations; Bills Perfected; Industrial Development; and State Departments.

76th General Assembly – Appropriations (chairman); Fiscal Affairs; State Budget Control.

77th General Assembly – Education (vice chairman); Municipal Corporations, Railroads and Private Corporations; and Roads and Highways.

78th General Assembly – Constitutional Amendments and Reorganization (chairman); Education (vice chairman); Appropriations; Judiciary; Municipal Corporations, Railroads and Private Corporations; Roads and Highways; and Ways and Means.

79th General Assembly – Appropriations (chairman); State Departments; State Fiscal Affairs; Budget Control; Judiciary, Criminal Jurisprudence and Corrections; and Accounts, Assignments and Clerical Force.

Donald L. Manford served the people of the 8th District (part of Jackson County). Born in Kansas City, he received his education from Kansas City public schools; and University of Kansas City, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and government and a Bachelor of Laws degree. Senator Manford was an attorney and served in the U.S. Navy from 1952-1956 during the Korean War. Senator Manford was elected to the House of Representatives in 1966 and to the Senate in 1968 to fill an unexpired term. He was re-elected in 1970 and 1974. (Democrat)

Official Manual of the State of Missouri: 1977-1978