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Who was the first woman to serve in the Missouri Senate? What was one of the longest bills introduced in the upper chamber? What are term limits? Visit the links on this site to find out more about the Missouri Senate, its members and where they debate issues that matter most to you.
Term Limits
Missouri's 34 state senators hail from a variety of diverse backgrounds including business, law, education, and agriculture. Term limits for state lawmakers were approved by voters in November 1992 and became effective Dec. 3, 1992.
Many lawmakers in the Senate started their legislative careers in the Missouri House of Representatives. Currently, 26 state senators previously served in the House. State senators are limited to two four-year terms and representatives are limited to four two-year terms. The constitution was amended in 2002 to add provisions for partial terms served.
The average age of those currently serving in the Missouri Senate is approximately 50. The oldest senator is 80 years old and the youngest is 34.

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The initial effect of term limits occurred during the 2002 election when 12 senators and 73 House members were ineligible to run for re-election.

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Senate Chamber
The Senate chamber is the center of activity for lawmakers serving in the upper body of the Legislature. Click on the picture or the link below to begin your tour, which features artwork, murals, furnishings, and lighting that decorate the Senate chamber.
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