L.R. No.: 4722-07

Bill No.: Truly Agreed to and Finally Passed HCS for SB 1329

Subject: Counties; Emergencies

Type: Original

Date: June 23, 2004


FUND AFFECTED FY 2005 FY 2006 FY 2007
Total Estimated

Net Effect on

General Revenue


$0 $0 $0

FUND AFFECTED FY 2005 FY 2006 FY 2007
Total Estimated

Net Effect on All

State Funds

$0 $0 $0

Numbers within parentheses: ( ) indicate costs or losses.

This fiscal note contains 5 pages.

FUND AFFECTED FY 2005 FY 2006 FY 2007
Total Estimated

Net Effect on All

Federal Funds

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FUND AFFECTED FY 2005 FY 2006 FY 2007
Local Government $0 $0 $0



Officials from the Department of Revenue, the Department of Public Safety, the State Auditor's Office, the Department of Economic Development-Public Service Commission, the Office of Administration - Division of Budget and Planning, and the State Treasurer's Office assume this proposal would not fiscally impact their agencies.

Officials from the Department of Economic Development- Office of Public Council did not respond to our fiscal note request, however in a similar proposal assumed no fiscal impact.

Officials from the Office of the Secretary of State (SOS) state this proposal authorizes counties to create an Emergency Services Board and to submit a tax to the voters to support enhanced 911 services. The Department of Revenue and the Public Service Commission could promulgate rules to enact this legislation. Based on experience with other divisions, the rules, regulations and forms issued by the Department of Social Services could require as many as 60 pages in the Code of State Regulations. For any given rule, roughly one-half again as many pages are published in the Missouri Register as are published in the Code because cost statements, fiscal notes and notices are not published in the Code. The estimated cost of a page in the Missouri Register is $23.00. The estimated cost of a page in the Code of State Regulations is $27.00. The ASSUMPTION (continued)

actual costs could be more or less than the numbers given. The fiscal impact of this legislation in future years is unknown and depends upon the frequency and length of rules filed, amended, rescinded and withdrawn. The SOS estimates the cost of this legislation to be $492 in FY 05.

Oversight assumes the SOS could absorb the costs of printing and distributing regulations related to this proposal. If multiple bills pass which require the printing and distribution of regulations at substantial costs, the SOS could request funding through the appropriation process.

Any decisions to raise fees to defray costs would likely be made in subsequent fiscal years.

Officials from Warren County assume this proposal would not fiscally impact their county.

Oversight assumes this proposal is enabling legislation to the extent that this proposal does not require, but would allow a county to place on the ballot the provisions contained in this proposal. This proposal as written would have no fiscal impact, however, this fiscal note is written assuming the board would levy the tax provided for and would conduct the emergency services required.

FISCAL IMPACT - State Government FY 2005

(10 Mo.)

FY 2006 FY 2007
$0 $0 $0

FISCAL IMPACT - Local Government FY 2005

(10 Mo.)

FY 2006 FY 2007
Income to 911 Emergency Services Fund Unknown Unknown Unknown
from county sales tax
Costs to 911 Emergency Services Fund
for Providing Emergency Services (Unknown) (Unknown) (Unknown)
Total Effect to Emergency Services Fund




FISCAL IMPACT - Small Business

No direct fiscal impact to small businesses would be expected as a result of this proposal.


This proposal establishes the "(County) Emergency Services Board". Annually, the board shall

establish a tax rate not to exceed the amount authorized. Three of the seven members on the board shall represent public safety entities. Those serving upon the effective date of this bill will

be able to serve and seek reappointment or reelection.

This proposal establishes that the board will elect its chairman annually.

This proposal creates additional powers and duties for the board which include acquiring land, borrowing money and issuing bonds, suing and being sued, using a corporate seal, entering contract, managing the board's business affairs, hiring employees, paying expenses associated with the first election, and other powers needed to provide emergency services.

Under this proposal, to purchase property or equipment needed for the operation of central dispatching of emergency services, the board may borrow money and issue bonds. The question of the loan shall be decided by the submission of the question to the voters of the county.

If passed by the voters, the board shall have the power to borrow money in the name of the board for the amount and purposes specified on the ballot; and in turn, issue bonds.

The loans shall not be contracted for more than 20 years and the act establishes a limit on the total amount of the loan. The directors shall direct a portion of the tax needed to pay the interest on the indebtedness as it falls due and to constitute a sinking fund for the payment of principal as it becomes due as well.

This proposal is for Warren County only.

This legislation is not federally mandated, would not duplicate any other program and would not require additional capital improvements or rental space.


Warren County

Department of Revenue

Department of Economic Development -

Office of Public Council

Public Service Commission

Department of Public Safety

State Auditor's Office

State Treasurer's Office

Office of the Secretary of State

Office of Administration -

Division of Budget and Planning

Mickey Wilson, CPA


June 23, 2004