Boards and Commission Inquiry Form

The State of Missouri has over 200 boards and commissions. They deal with issues ranging from agriculture to the judiciary to education. The governor appoints people to serve on these boards and commissions, and the senate considers and confirms the appointments. Citizens from across our state may sit on these boards and commissions.

As your state senator, I want to encourage local leaders to become state leaders by serving on a Missouri board or commission. I have set up a program to help pair your interests, skills, and expertise with related service opportunities.

Please fill out the following information so we may help you identify openings and navigate the process.

Please also find a full listing of our boards and commissions here

First, please give us your name, address, phone and email address.

Now, we need information regarding the Board/Commission.

Note: Completion of this form does not officially apply you to the public boards, commissions, task forces, or committees. A separate application completed through the appropriate state website will be required. Our office has no authority or a role in any official capacity when the determination for appointments are made. Completion of this form does not guarantee a recommendation from our office, nor does it indicate support for any appointments considered or made.